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E45 Review and Giveaway

I’ve always suffered with eczema, it mostly comes and goes in bad patches, but sometimes it’s been really painful. When I was a teenager it was particularly bad, I tried thousands of steroid creams, and antibiotics, but something I’ve always come back to is E45 cream. Nothing seems to fix my dry skin without irritating it further like E45’s moisturising lotion. It’s actually been a while since I’ve used E45 as my skin hasn’t been playing up as much lately, and I’ve found my Body Shop Body Butters have been doing the job. But E45 kindly sent me a sample of their Moisturising Lotion and Overnight Hand Cream, and it’s reminded me how well their products work for me all over again.

E45’s Moisturising Lotion is something everyone with dry skin should be keeping a bottle of handy. Every time my skin has flared up over the last 20 odd years I’ve been turning to this, and after a few days of applying it regularly, my bad patches seem to clear up. I haven’t used any for a while as my skin hasn’t been too bad, so I decided to start using it as my everyday body lotion to see if made much difference to my skin when it’s not going through a bad time. After a few days of application I noticed my legs felt a lot smoother than they usually do, and my skin felt more hydrated than usual. E45’s moisturising lotion is also perfume free, so there’s no scent attached to it, which is ideal if you don’t want to go around smelling like the Body Shop etc, all day. 

E45 also have a new Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream, which is great for everyone, not just those with dry skin conditions. As the weather’s still a little on the cold side I’ve found that my hands feel really dry, and I’ve been carrying around hand cream with me all day. I’ve been applying this just before I go to bed as an intensive treatment, and by the time I wake up my hands feel super smooth. This is the sort of product that I probably would have looked over, as I’ve always thought of E45 being for my eczema. 

Fancy trying your own set of E45’s Moisturising Lotion and Overnight Hand Cream? I’ve teamed up with E45 to giveaway three sets to three different winners. All you have to do is enter with Rafflecopter below, good luck :). Unfortunately the giveaway is only open to the UK.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

The Sunday Post #25 – Buying Our First Home

For a while Chris and I have wanted to get our own place. Despite having the money to be able to afford to move out and rent our own place, we wanted to get some money together for a deposit to buy our own place. A few months ago we worked out that we had a decent amount of money together to start thinking about buying our own home, and after speaking to a mortgage advisor it was confirmed that yes, we could buy somewhere, and we had a budget in mind. Then started the fun part of looking around all sorts of houses and flats, which I loved because I like being nosey at how everyone likes to decorate. Then a couple of times we thought we’d found the right place for us, but we always seemed to be outbid on our offers. Then on Tuesday we were shown the flat of our dreams. We were originally put off of this flat as it wasn’t where we were looking to buy, and it was only a 1 bedroom when we’d prefer a 2 bed, but the estate agent insisted we should take a look. Boy are we glad we did because we fell in love, and put an offer in there and then, and Wednesday morning it was confirmed, it was ours.

We haven’t been looking for very long, so this whole buying our first home lark is going rather quickly. So quickly that we haven’t even started to think about what we even need to buy for the flat. We’ve had great fun talking about how we’d like to decorate, running around IKEA, and thinking of all the fun gadgets we can buy, but we need to really be thinking about practical boring adult things we need to get.


We’re lucky that we have a few odds and bobs like cutlery from our uni days, as well as some bedroom furniture and a TV. But we don’t have the everyday things like sofas, a washing up bowl, or a hoover. We don’t want to start spending a great deal of money on rubbish we don’t need, so we’re working on buying the essentials first. We’ve narrowed it down to a few main things we need to get, and we’ve been looking at sofas, Panasonic washing machines, fridges, and storage spaces. We’d so much rather be looking at Tassimo machines, and Roomba robots but sadly we have to be practical boring adults now. I’m even enjoying looking for a ironing board…

Lush Luton Valentine’s Event

It’s no secret that I’m a Lush addict, you only have to look through this blog and you’ll see it mentioned thousands of times. I can’t get enough of their bath bombs, and I constantly have a ‘Lush stash’ tucked away in my bathroom. My friends have even joked that I’m an expert, and often take me into Lush with them when they want help looking for a product. So when Lush Luton invited me to their Lush Valentine’s event I was super excited, being in a Lush store after hours where I could go play with as many products as I wanted, count me in!

While we were there we were shown a couple of the Lush Valentine’s range, and how they looked once you put them in your bath. One thing that everyone liked the look of was the Love Locket bath bomb, which is so big you could actually get two or three baths out of it. Once you pop it in the bath you get all these tiny heart confetti pieces that fill your bath, they looked so sweet.

We also got shown the Flower Bath Bomb, which sets off this amazing foaming rainbow once you put it in water. It’s again another big bath bomb, so you could probably get a few baths out of it if you cut it in half. Or have one big super amazing smelling bath!

During our visit we all got a go on the Emotional Brilliance wheel, which was great fun as I’ve never had a chance to play around with this in the store before. You basically spin the wheel and pick out three colours that stand out to you, I picked out the colours ambitious, control and believe. We decided that ambitious was my strength, control was my subconscious, and believe was my aspiration. 

While we were there was also got to look around at the products, and it was great to look more closely at things I’ve not tried before. I really like the look of the Lush perfumes, which also come in solid perfume form. I’ve not thought much about these before, but some of them really smell amazing! I also took a closer look at some of the Lush hair products, and picked up a New Shampoo Bar, which is meant to be good for stimulating hair growth and thickness, something I need right now! I also picked up a bottle of Prince Charming Shower Gel, as it was pink and smelt pretty.

I really had a great time at Lush Luton’s Valentine’s event, and it was great to see my local Lush store and get to know some of the staff there. I’m now fully stocked on Lush goodies for a while to come, including the amazing smelling Unicorn Horn. Now I think it’s time for a Lush bath!

Giving Up Sugar – Update

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I was attempting to give up sugar for 6 weeks, I’m now over halfway through my 6 week sugar detox programme from Happy Sugar Habits, and I thought I’d update on how I’m doing. I mentioned in my original post that my relationship with sugar is awful, before I started this I couldn’t go a day without a bar of chocolate, and yet I wondered why I was struggling to lose weight and live a healthy style. The worst part of it is that I’d binge eat sugary snacks, and then just feel awful after, so the things that I craved didn’t even make me feel good! By taking part in the Happy Sugar Habit detox programme I’m hoping to learn to be able to cut sugar out of my life, or at least learn to control it.

The first few days of the programme were really difficult, I was going through some horrible withdrawal symptoms, getting horrible headaches and all I would crave was sugar. But once I got past day three I started to feel better, and felt like I had more energy than I did before. By day three my cravings were starting to get in control, and I felt an odd sense of satisfaction by turning down sugary treats. The daily text messages and emails I’d received from Laura really helped, and always seemed to come at a time I felt weak.

However I’ve not always been great at sticking to the programme, and I have slipped up a few times and had a bar of chocolate or something else sweet. However after I’ve eaten this I find I now feel awful, and I really don’t enjoy it. It’s certainly making me think about not eating as much sugar as I once did. Before I started this I never realised how much sugar was often added into foods, and it’s certainly making me look twice at packaging! I’ve not got long left of the programme, and I’m starting to think about whether I’ll continue this once it’s finished. There’s certainly a lot of health benefits to consider!

Pizza Party

Pizza is quite possibly, my biggest weakness, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about pizza. Unfortunately for me Dominoes has caught on to this, and constantly text me with discount offers for pizzas, which really isn’t helping me trying to cut back and lose some weight. I’ve always struggled with diets, mostly because I find it hard to cut back on my favourite foods, and always end up bingeing on pizza two days later questioning ‘what is my life’, while I sob into the empty pizza box. So when I heard about Exante’s Diet Pizza Mix*, where I can still eat pizza and lose weight I wanted to know the secret.

Each box contains everything you need to make 7 thin crust pizza bases, with a herby tomato sauce, and then you can add what ever toppings you fancy. Each pizza base is high in protein, low in fat, and enriched in vitamins and minerals. Each pizza also contains a 3rd of your daily RDA, helping you lose weight. Because 7 pizza’s is quite a lot of pizza, even for me, I decided to invite round a couple of people to have a ‘pizza party’. We all brought our own toppings and used the Exante diet pizza mix to see what pizza creations we’d come up with.

 The pizza bases were fairly simple to make, just mix the ingredients in with water, stick on some grease proof paper, bake in the oven, add your toppings, and bake some more. I decided to play it safe with my pizza topping choices, and stuck to what I normally ordered from pizza takeways; bbq sauce, chicken, peppers and cheese. My friend Jen chose ham and pineapple for hers, while Chris chose sausage, babybell cheese, and doritos with bbq sauce, hmm. As you can see from the photos we’re not the most artistic pizza bakers, but they sure did look good. However when it got to eating them we weren’t too impressed. The base was quite thin, and wasn’t like the tasty thin italian base we were expecting. We all found that our bases stuck to the grease proof paper, meaning we’d often get a mouthful of paper rather than delicious pizza.

Although the Exante diet pizza mix was fairly easy to make, I don’t think I’ll be trying it again as it wasn’t quite like the pizza base I was expecting, although we all did have a good laugh creating our pizza combinations! Maybe I need to find another healthy alternative to my favourite takeaway pizzas.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Maybe you’re like me and Valentine’s this year has just crept up on you, and before you realised it’s here. In a panic about getting a last minute Valentine’s gift for your loved one? Or maybe you’ve spent so long looking for the perfect gift you’ve completely forgotten to buy anything! It happens to the best of us, so I thought I’d share a few last minute Valentine’s gifts I bought for my other half this year.

Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Or maybe they like different varieties of chocolates? Then you should certainly check out Chocolat Chocolat, where you can create your own custom chocolate bar. You get to select the chocolate base from white, milk, caramel, or two different types of dark, and then add up to 3 different toppings. There’s hundreds to choose from, so you won’t get bored of the choice. If you find it difficult to select which flavour combinations you want, Chocolat Chocolat’s chocolatier has suggested a few ideas to give you inspiration. When it came to selecting my chocolates I had great fun playing around with them, eventually settling for white with strawberries, meringue and marshmallows, caramel with chocolate buttons and banana chips, and milk chocolate with dark chocolate buttons, mint crisp and popping candy. They all look amazing!

I never really buy clothes for my other half, but I couldn’t resist this adorable red velvet bow tie from RagnBow. I’ve never been too sure about buying things off Etsy sellers, but I was amazed about the quality of this bow tie, you can tell that there’s been a great deal of effort put into creating this design. I chose a simple red velvet design for Valentine’s as it fits in with the theme, and it’s something that Chris can wear again and again. There’s also some amazing designs available, so if your other is into fashion or loves bow ties you really need to check these out.

And finally I couldn’t resist these pillow cases from Love Pillow Cases to surprise my other half with. They’re adorably designed with stick figures blowing hearts together in a variety of ways. I chose this design as I thought it was super cute, but there’s so many to choose from! I wasn’t sure how the quality of the pillow case would be, but they look great and aren’t made out of any scratchy material, and because their white they go with a lot of our existing bedding.There’s even some really cute just married designs that would make great wedding gifts.

Have you had to do a last minute dash for Valentine’s gifts this year? What have you picked up for your partner?

Dior Star Foundation

Lately I’ve become somewhat of a foundation snob, sticking to high end foundations over choices on the highstreet. I never used to mind highstreet foundations, always picking the lightest shade for my skin, but it never used to look quite right. It wasn’t until I tried MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid, that I realised high end foundations were certainly worth their price tag, I was finally finding foundations that were pale enough for me, that also gave me great coverage and didn’t seem to wear off 2 hours after application. I’ve tried out a couple of high end foundations, and found some new favourites along the way, but I’m still trying to find my signature go to foundation.

A while ago I got a sample of Dior’s Star foundation and tried it out for a couple of days. I found it to give me great coverage, and it gave my skin this amazing dewy glow, I knew I had to have it. So after saving up my Christmas pennies I decided to visit a Dior counter to pick myself one up. The sales assistant was very helpful and talked me through the foundation and tried a few different shades on me, and of course I was the palest version possible. What I love about Dior Star is that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, and makes my skin look amazing, like I’m having a really really really good skin day. I actually wish my skin looked like how this foundation makes it look everyday. It gives this lovely dewy radiant glow, and lasts all day without drying my skin out.

Out of all the high end foundations I’ve tried so far this is my favourite, and it’s one I’ve heard many a rave review from others about. I’m not certain, but I think I might have found my perfect foundation…

Pretty Honest Book Review

I used to be a big book reader when I was younger, you could never get me away from one. But as I’ve got older I’m struggling to get back into reading after having to read so many for my degree! I’ve been trying to get back into reading for a while, and for Christmas Chris bought me a couple of books that were on my wish list, one being Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest.

I’ve seen many a beauty lover rave about this book, and being one myself I thought it would be a good idea for me to read this, as surely a book on beauty will help me get back into reading! Once I saw the size of the book I was a little put off, just because I’m not a big reader and this has a lot of pages in. But once I started reading I didn’t mind, especially as it was so full of useful beauty knowledge, I couldn’t put it down! One of my favourite sections is the skincare routine section, especially as I’m trying to get into a good routine and sometimes the amount of products I’m told I need can overwhelm me. Sali Hughes just talks straight about what products you really need, and since I’ve been following her recommendations I’m seeing a real difference. I also really loved the sections on brows, acne, and foundations, which are beauty areas I’ve often struggled with. Sali writes some great tips on all aspects of beauty, with a great section on teenage beauty which I wish I knew about when I was younger, would have made some of my beauty choices probably look a lot better!

I’ve spent many a night staying up reading Pretty Honest, and as the title suggests, I’ve found it to be a pretty honest book. This is essentially the beauty blogger bible, and if you’re ever confused by beauty products, this is the book to read! I’m glad I spent the time to sit and read a book for once, now to keep it up!
Have you read Pretty Honest? What did you think?


Teatox Review

With the start of the new year, I like many others, jumped on the bandwagon of being healthier and trying to detox a little after the indulgent Christmas season. I’ve never really done a detox before, I’ve always just tried to eat more good stuff and a little less crap, but when I was contacted to see if I wanted to do a teatox I was super excited. A detox where I have to drink tea?! of course I’m in.

Slimming Solutions Teatox is actually super easy to follow, all you have to do is drink the daytime blend every morning, and the evening blend every other day. The teas are designed to work with your body to help get rid of any unwanted toxins, resulting in a full body detoxing effect. The Teatox also helps you to feel cleansed, as well as less bloated and can even increase your energy levels. I wasn’t too sure how this would work for me but I thought I’d give it ago anyway, plus I love tea. I found the daytime blend really easy to drink, and it tasted amazing, sort of citrusy and very refreshing. But the evening blend I really did not like, it tasted more spicy and a bit bitter, really not my cup of tea (excuse the pun). But still I stuck to my two week Teatox plan, and I did notice I didn’t feel as bloated or as tired as I usually felt.
I found this really easy to follow, especially being a tea drinker anyway so it was easy to add into my morning and evening routines.  In terms of results, I’m not sure it really did anything for me, other than make me feel slightly less bloated and feel like I had more energy, but I’m not too sure what I was expecting from this. I think this is something I’d try again, especially considering it’s so simple to do!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide #1

Now it’s February everyone’s focus has switched from getting fit and being healthy, to all things Valentine’s Day. I find that Valentine’s Day gifts can often get a little samey, with the usual chocolates and flowers still proving to be popular. Although this year I’ve spotted a couple of different gifts, and thought I’d share them with you in case you’re looking for gifts for the special person in your life.

This gift set includes everything the man in your life needs to smell good. A shower gel, and an eau de toilette, both branded in The Bluebeards Revenge logo, giving men the chance to get closer to their masculine side while showing off their adventurous personalities. I love buying gift sets like this, especially as I never know what to get my other half so having a selection from a brand is great.

Mule Bar – £7.99 for a pack of 5
Is your other half the sporty type? Why not get them some Mule Bar’s, a brand of creatively flavoured energy bars, perfect for any long distance runner or the active gym goer. They have several different flavours, and I think my favourite is the Strudel or Summer Pudding, but I’m not so keen on the liquorice allsports flavour!

Nuun – £6 per tube
Another great gift for the sporty types is Nuun, a sugar free, low calorie, hydration tablet. Each tablet is sugar and carb free, meaning you don’t have to add unnecessary carbs while training. Each tube contains enough tablets to make 12 500ml hydration drinks, and there’s 11 different flavours available. I’m really enjoying the Strawberry Lemonade flavour, but there’s some other great flavours available.

Chillies – Available from mexgrocer.co.uk
Why not spice things up this Valentine’s Day with a selection of chillies from Mexican Grocer? There’s a wide range available, and they’ve got recipes for them all here. I sometimes find my cooking can be a little bland or in need of something extra so I’m give a couple of these a go this Valentine’s!

The Art of Couples Conversation – £9.98
The art of couples conversation is a board game designed for couples to get them to spend quality time together talking. The art of conversation is a range of best-selling games that have been developed to improve conversation skills, turn us into better listeners, and get to know each other better. Why not have a game this Valentine’s?

Anatomicals – Available at ASOS
Anatomicals are a range of beauty and bathing products that have quirky messages displayed over them. Each product is affordable, ranging from £3-10, with funny messages on them like ‘No Old Bags Allowed’. They’re funny and witty, and certainly will make the woman in your life chuckle.

Pooch & Mutt – £13.99
Of course when treating your loved one’s this Valentine’s, don’t forget to treat your pooch! Pooch & Mutt have a range of doggy snacks, and their most popular is their Calm & Relaxed range, the perfect treat for your doggy!

I hope this helps you to find some great gifts this Valentine’s!

*This post includes PR samples

The Sunday Post #24 – Learning To Cross Stitch

Recently crafts have been my new favourite hobby. I spend most of my evenings sat in front of the TV, usually with a blanket and a cup of tea, with my knitting. I’ve turned into a right little old lady, but I’ve found it a nice way to relax after a long day at work. Recently I’ve been seeing how my friend gets on with her cross stitch patterns and thought it looked rather fun and easy to do. Chris then joked that he found this Pokemon pattern on Etsy and that I should make it for him for when we eventually have our own place.

I think the last time I did a cross stitch is when I was around 8/9 years old and I got a kit for Christmas, so I’m still very much a newbie to the whole thing. Luckily the pattern didn’t look too hard, and only needed four colours, so I thought I’d give it a go. At first I thought I could easily do this in a day, but didn’t realise just how long it would actually take me! The ‘Home Sweet Home’ was probably the easiest bit to do, and of course I’ve left the house until last as it looks a bit more tricky, but overall it’s been great fun doing this! I’m finding it rather therapeutic, and I’ve only managed to stab myself five times. It looks like cross stitch could become my new favourite thing..

Posts I’ve Enjoyed In January

January has seen some great blog posts this month, it seems like everyone’s stepped up their blogging game lately. I’ve been reading loads of lovely posts and I thought I could share them and spread the love a little.

Kat wrote about how to get the perfect winged eye liner and her tips have really helped me to get my flicks perfect.

Bex has wrote about the best places to promote your posts which has made me think about using Pinterest and Google+ to promote my posts more.

 Shona has wrote about 10 ways to improve your blog in 2015, which has some pretty handy tips if you’re looking to step up your blogging game this year.

Becky’s been writing her therapy diaries following her CBT sessions. Her posts have really made me think and make me wish I didn’t give up on it so easily in the past.

Some other favourites:
Zoe has written about body size and how the media portrays women.
Helen has written a few thoughts on blogging, and has some great views on sponsored posts, reviews and blogging tips.

100 Spending Ban Update – Week 3 & 4

I’m now four weeks into my spending ban, and although I’m rubbish at writing updates on it I’m pleased to say I’m sticking to it! Not one beauty product, peice of clothing, or something else I don’t need has been bought for a whole 28 days now. For someone who’s terrible with money and her spending habits, this is quite a big things for me! I even thought ahead to putting some money aside the last time I got paid for things coming up this month. Me, being organised with money?! Who thought we’d see the day.

The only thing that’s not doing so well with my spending ban is putting money into my savings and paying off my overdraft. While I’m not spending any money, I’m not really saving much either. However today is payday and I’m determined that this month I’ll put all my spare pennies away and finally save some money! Once again this is only a short update, but I haven’t got any slip ups to report!

You can read my other spending ban updates here:

January Favourites

I can’t believe we’re at the end of January already (que the theme for the rest of the years favourites posts). This month seems to gone past in the blink of an eye, especially the last week as I’ve had a crazy busy week at work and I could have done with another day! Usually my favourites posts contain products that I use over and over again, but January has seen me use lots of new products, and I’ve found a couple of favourites.

I’ve found my new favourite foundation in the form of Dior’s Star. I tried out a sample in a magazine a few months ago and with some of my Christmas pennies I decided to have a little splurge on the Dior counter. I’m new to Dior products, but I’m now starting to be converted. Dior Star gives me great coverage but still feels light on my skin, and gives me a lovely dewy glow – everything I’ve been looking for in a foundation! I’ve also found a new Marc Jacobs perfume favourite in the form of Daisy Dream, a lighter more floral version of the original. Lately I’ve been bold with my lipstick choices, and I’m really enjoying wearing reds, especially Rouge Dior Baurme Lipstick in LYS Rouge. It’s a lovely everyday red shade, and doesn’t dry out your lips when you wear it for a long period of time. A book I’m really enjoying this month is Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest, which is basically any beauty fan’s bible! It’s full of beauty tips, tricks and routines you should stick to. It’s been a long time since I’ve not been able to put a book down, and of course one all about beauty products would keep my attention ;).

What products have you enjoyed in January? Have any of these made your favourites list?

What I Got In My Christmas Box Swap

A few months ago I took part in Clare from The Love Of All Things Beauty‘s Christmas box swap, and I was lucky enough to be paired with Clare herself! I’ve know Clare since my early days of blogging so I was really pleased to swap with her. I’ve taken part in a few box swaps in the past, and it’s always great fun to see what other people pick out for you. We agreed a spending limit and a day to send out our boxes, and I was super excited to see mine arrive just before Christmas.

I almost tore open my box when it arrived, I was so excited to see what Clare sent me. Inside was a book called ‘Cat Selfies’, which is full of hilarious photos of cats, a Natural Collection brown eyeshadow, and a No.7 cracker which had a mascara and eyeliner in. I’ve tried a handful of products from No.7 and Natural Collection before, but none of these so I’m pretty excited to try these out.

I’m glad I got paired with Claire, and I’m really happy with all of my presents! I can tell Clare knows me pretty well, especially with the Cat Selfies book, its given me endless amusement. Once again this was a great box swap, and I’m glad I took part! Have you done a box swap before?

You can see what I sent to Clare on her post here.

Inamo Resturant Review

A few years ago I discovered Japanese food and since then I’ve been obsessed with it. I love visits to Yo! Sushi and Wagamama, but I’m always on the look out for a new place I’ve not visited before. When I was looking for somewhere new I came across Inamo, an oriental fusion restaurant based in Soho. I didn’t just want to visit for the food, but because I was intrigued with how it was described as an ‘interactive’ restaurant, where you’re in control of the dining experience. Chris and I have been talking about visiting for ages, and when we found an excuse to go into London we decided we had to come visit Inamo and see what all the fuss was about.

We were excited when we first arrived and saw everyone on their ‘interactive tables’ and couldn’t wait to get seated at ours. Once we were shown to our table our waiter explained how it all worked, and that we could order all our food and drinks on the table, meaning there’s no need to talk to the waiters! I was a bit sceptical at first as I wasn’t sure how this would work, and knowing me I would accidently order something wrong or not at all.

I was surprised at just how easy it was to order, you just selected through the menu, which then projects an image of the food onto your plate, as well as giving you description of the dish. I also really liked how there was a ‘goes with’ button, which would then suggest other dishes that went well with your selection – perfect if you’re not sure what you want to eat! Inamo suggest that you have one large dish and two small dishes per person, and their all made to be shared, which was great for Chris and I as we wanted to try a couple of new things. All the dishes come out of the kitchen as their ready, but I was surprised at how quickly our food came. I really liked how you could order everything from your table, especially when I wanted to order another drink I didn’t have to wait to track down a waiter as the case is in most restaurants.

Not only could we order all our food and drinks on the table, but there was also some cool extras like being able to change the pattern of the tablecloth. Me and Chris kept having a war over what tablecloth we wanted and we eventually settled for a setting that changed it every two minutes. There was also a ‘Chefcam’ so you could look inside the kitchen, but I think my favourite part was that you could play games with your partner, and Chris and I had a pretty intense game of battlleship!
I really enjoyed our visit to Inamo, not only was the food amazing, but the restaurant it’s self was so much fun with the interactive tables! We’ll certainly be coming back here, and I’m already looking forward to beating Chris at Battleship again.

Three Things I Love About My Favourite City

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m obsessed with New York, completely and utterly obsessed. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with the city, and I was so happy when I visited my favourite city in 2009. I remember planning my trip in amazing detail, especially as I was only there for a few days! Despite my trip now being 6 years ago (sob), and being a rather short visit, I still found many things I love about the city and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building is an iconic part of the Manhattan sky line, standing out from most of the buildings. While I was in New York I enjoyed seeing it light up at night, once being bright blue when the Yankees won. I planned to go to the top of the Empire State but I ran out of time, but I did get the chance to go to the Rockefeller where I got a great view of the Empire State, and took this photo!

The Statue Of Liberty
Another iconic landmark is the Statue of Liberty situated on Ellis Island. Despite being a huge New York fan I only recently found out that it was originally from France.. I’ve never been good at history. I thought Lady Liberty looked beautiful as I sailed past her on the Hudson river, and luckily we picked a lovely clear day to do so!

The Yellow Taxis 
I loved seeing the yellow taxi’s everywhere in New York, but as they can be rather pricey I only used one to get back to the airport on my last day. I thought they added a great splash of colour to the city, and they made me feel rather cheerful, so I spent hours photographing them. I loved them so much that I edited this photo of them, and made it into a canvas hanging above my bed so I remind myself of my favourite city everyday.

I like reminding myself why I love New York, filling my room with photos of the city, and I even seem to always watch TV shows based in the city. I’m planning on saving up so I can visit again one day, but I’m the worst person at saving money so you can probably guess how that’s going…

The Sunday Post #23 – Cats The Musical

Yesterday it was Chris’s birthday, and as his birthday fell on a weekend we decided to have a day out to celebrate. Being only 40 minutes away from central London we thought we could have trip into the city and do something fun. Something we’ve talked about for ages is about going to see Cats The Musical, I saw it once when I was a little girl and being a cat lover of course I love it. So as one of Chris’s birthday presents I bought him tickets to see Cats The Musical, but secretly it was a present for me..

As we were going in on a Saturday we decided to see the matinee performance, meaning we could then go get some dinner afterwards and not be in a rush. Cats was performing at the London Palladium, which is a gorgeous theatre, and super easy to get to just off Oxford Street. The musical was amazing, I know the story line fairly well so I sat singing along to a few of the songs. The dancers were amazing, and I love watching how cat like they perform. When I booked our tickets I didn’t know Nicole Scherzinger would be performing, but she was absolutely amazing as Grizabella, definitely worth seeing if you get the chance! Cats the Musical is only back for a short time, until the end of April I believe, so make sure you get tickets if you’re a big Cats fan like me! I’m glad I went to see it again, especially as the last time I was it I was about 7!

Giving Up Sugar

For what seems like 10 years now I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’ve always been the bigger one out of my friends, and when I was 18 I put on about 5 stone that I’ve never managed to lose. Something that makes me find it hard to lose weight is that I’m literally the worst person at sticking to diets, I always find myself giving into my sweet cravings. The only diet that’s worked for me so far is Weight Watchers, and only because I can still have my chocolate as part of my daily points. Recently I’ve been trying to be a lot healthier, and I’ve found that eating healthy food is making me feel a lot better, but I’m still giving into my sugar cravings. I definitely have an unhealthy relationship with sugar, and I often feel like I need it to get through the day, but once I’ve had it I find it doesn’t make me feel any better.

Recently I was contacted to see if I wanted to take part in a 6 week sugar detox programme from Happy Sugar Habits, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try and give up my terrible sugar habit. Not only will I receive a 6 week detox plan, but I’ll also get daily text messages to help keep my motivation in my giving up sugar mission. The programme is run by the lovely Laura Thomas, who’s been through a similar sugar addiction and come out the other side. The programme also gives you some great meal plans and recipes, and I’m really looking forward to trying out a few of them! I’ve been reading some interesting things about sugar, and how addictive it is, and all about the benefits of giving it up. I think for me these 6 weeks will quite a struggle, especially with how many boxes of haribo sweets that seem to be going around my office, but I’m really interested to see how this will effect me, and this might actually help me to lose some weight.
I’m starting my six weeks today, meaning that my last day of the programme will be the 2nd of March (which already seems incredibly far away). I’ll be writing a couple of updates throughout my journey to let you know about my experience, and knowing me, probably a few failures along the way. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how I get on with this, and I’m hoping this will help cure my sugar addiction.

100 Day Spending Ban Update – Week 1 & 2

So it’s now been two weeks since I started my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge and I’m actually pleased to say I’ve been sticking to it! I’m quite literally the worst person at saving money ever, but I’ve been good and not bought anything new, and I’ve even been good and stuck to bringing my own lunch into work each day which has helped save some pennies. I think I’m sticking to my spending ban so well as I don’t have many temptations near me. I haven’t gone to any shops, and the only thing near me at work is a Tesco, so I’m not walking past billions of shops each day.

There’s been a few times when I’ve spotted something online and thought about buying it for myself but I’ve reminded myself why I’m saving, and how I don’t need that extra lipstick or pair of shoes. I saw a great post on Tales Of A Pale Face’s blog on Ten Tips To Help You Survive A Spending Ban, which has really helped! Kat’s got some great tips on surviving spending bans, and I think I’m going to look into getting a Tastecard which will help save some money. Overall I’m feeling pretty positive about my spending ban so far, although I am only 14 days in, but lets hope I keep this up! If you’re on a spending ban how’s yours going?

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Beige Trench

When it comes to lipsticks I’m not very experimental, it took me about 2 years to even get the confidence to wear a red lipstick outside of the house. I tend to stick to pale pink shades, or one’s that provide a little bit of colour. One thing that I’ve never been into is nude lipsticks, the closest I’ve ever got is MAC’s Hue. A while ago I bought a few bits from Bourjois, which then gave me a free gift set which included one of their Rouge Edition lipsticks in the shade Beige Trench. I didn’t think much of it at the time, and I was kind of put off by the name ‘Beige Trench’, it isn’t the most attractive of lipstick names is it? It then sat in my lipstick drawer unthought about for a while.
The colour looks fairly basic in the tube, and actually looks rather beige, so I wasn’t sure how it would look once applied. However once it was applied to my lips it’s a different story, the colour seems to be the perfect nude ‘my lips but better shade’, a complete turn around from how it looked in the tube. The lipstick it’s self is feels really hydrating, and doesn’t dry out my lips, it just gives my lips a lovely glossy shine. The Rouge Edition lipsticks have actually been formulated to leave lips feeling hydrated and protected for 10 hours, but I’ve never had a lipstick on for that long to prove that, but my lips certainly feel soft whilst wearing this. This is the type of lipstick I wear frequently to work, as it’s rather neutral and unoffensive, and the perfect lipstick for when I forget to reapply it!
I’m glad I decided to give this lipstick another chance, as it actually looks rather lovely on. There’s 18 different shades in the Rouge Edition collection, and there’s actually a nice plum shade I’ve got my eye on, which is a bit out there for me! Are you a fan of nude lipsticks?

Thinking Of My Dream House

You might have seen that I’m currently on a Spending Ban in an attempt to try and save a few pennies together so that I can one day afford to move out of my parents house and have a house of my own. Although I could technically afford to move out into a rented house currently, I’m trying to put that off and attempt to save up for a house deposit with my partner. The main reason we’re hoping to buy somewhere of our own is so that we can decorate the house how we like, without being stuck with the landlords dodgy wallpaper choices.

Although we’re a very long way off getting somewhere of our own, especially as we have a whole £0 saved up towards this, I’ve decided in my head completely how I want to decorate our dream house. I’ve planned the decoration of each room completely, and of course my house will look like something out of Pinterest. While I was buy thinking about what colour to paint each room, my partner bought up the practical things we’ll need, like storage, washing machines and blinds. I wouldn’t have given these things a second thought, but then I thought about how much I’d like things like blackout blinds for our bedroom, especially as curtains can be a bit useless in the summer. I then came acrossVELUX Blinds, who create a wide selection of blinds in all shapes and colours made to fit an Velux window. Not only do they have the blackout blind I’m looking for, but also roller blinds, pleated or Venetian blinds. All of their blinds come complete with easy installation, and free delivery when you buy online.

I’m certainly going to be conisdering Velux Blinds when I eventually buy my own place, and I’m kind of tempted by their Disney range. No one said my house had to be grown up right…

Current Favourite Cleansers

I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin lately, taking the time to have a proper skincare routine, and making sure I cleanse properly. Since sticking religiously to a good skincare routine I’ve seen some great results, and I’m now a big cleanser fan. I’ve been trying out all sorts of cleansers to find the right one for my skin, and along the way I’ve found a couple of favourites.

The first of my favourites is the Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser that I picked up recently. I’ve been lusting over this for a while after hearing some good things about it, and I’m really glad I picked it up. I’ve never used a gel cleanser before, but I really love the consistency of this, it feels really soothing on my skin and doesn’t irritate or rub at all. Another cleanser I’ve been trying out lately is No.7’s Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. I’ve never really tried any of No.7’s skincare products before, but this one was given to me by a friend and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. Like most hot cloth cleansers it feels really smooth and creamy on my skin, and even makes taking off my makeup easy. It’s really soft to use on my skin, and I’ve found it makes it look a lot brighter. Another favourite cleanser would have to be Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser, the holy grail of hot cloth cleansers. I’ve been using this for years, and I’ve even convinced my mum to start cleansing with this. It feels so gentle on my skin, and just like No.7’s it’s really easy to take off my makeup with this.

I’ve been using these three cleansers in my skincare routine for a while now, mixing up which one I use each week, and I’m really seeing some good results with all three. I’ve never had one single cleanser that I go to, and I think these three will be in my skincare routine for quite a while. Do you have more than one favourite cleanser that you love?

Getting Back On Track

Lately I’ve got into a bad habit of eating too much rubbish, not doing an exercise, and basically being far too over-indulgent. Christmas is a big part to blame in it, and during the lead up I had a lot of Christmas parties I went to, where I made a lot of bad food choices. I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting after Christmas and a month off plan to find that I’d only actually put on 3.5lbs, which isn’t too bad considering, but I feel that I’ve completely undone all my hard work from before Christmas.

Now Christmas is over with, and are all the parties, I’m determined to get back on track with my Weight Watchers plan. I’ve been a WW member for over a year now, and I really love the plan. I can basically eat what I want, and there’s nothing that’s not on plan. It’s also taught me a lot about portion control, and eating things in moderation. I’ve officially been back on plan for a week now, with my weigh in tomorrow, and I’m hoping to see some of my Christmas weight come back off. I’m trying to make more healthy decisions lately, and I’m trying to change my lifestyle into a healthier one. I’m finding it pretty difficult, especially as I have the biggest sweet tooth going, but lately I’ve been pretty unhappy with how I look, and how I feel about myself. I know weight shouldn’t be everything, but since I’ve put a little bit back on I’m feeling rather rubbish about it all.

I’m not sure how much weight I want to lose, but I just want to lose enough to be more comfortable with myself, and getting back on track with my Weight Watchers plan will certainly help! I’ve been flicking through this months magazine, and it’s got some great recipe ideas which might help me get back into cooking more too! Did you find you over indulged over Christmas? Is any

The Sunday Post #21 – Drinking More Water

Like many people, some of my new years resolutions are to be a bit healthier and something I’m terrible at is not drinking enough water. I spend most of my days drinking endless cups of tea and diet coke, but never enough water meaning I’m probably actually quite dehydrated. I’m trying to get back into losing weight, and cut back on things like cake and chocolate, and get more into fitness and healthy eating. Problem is I am literally the worst person at being healthy, and although I know I should be drinking more water, I find the taste really boring and hard to drink.

I then started to see people talking about adding lemon to their glasses of water to make their own flavoured water, and I thought maybe I should give this a go. At first I wasn’t sure how this would make my water taste any better, I like slices of lemon in my diet coke but I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste of it in water. I was surprised when I had my first pint of water at how good it actually tasted, and I found myself filling up my water glass more than I was filling up my cups of tea. Instantly I started feeling better by drinking more water, and the added lemon makes it feel ‘cleaner’, and even puts me off eating rubbish food.

By drinking more water I’ve stopped feeling as sluggish, I feel a lot healthier, and my heads even felt a lot clearer. I’m feeling a lot better now I’m drinking more water, and I’m making a concious effort to drink more. I’m still drinking as much tea, but for every cup of tea I have I make sure I fill up my glass of water, meaning I’m having a good few glasses a day! Are you trying to drink more water? Have you thought about adding lemon to it?

Glitter Nails

Lately I’ve found myself completely addicted to glitter nail varnish. I used to hate the stuff, only wearing it for special occasions as it’s such a pain to get off. However since the festive season I’ve found myself wearing glitter polish not once, but three times! It’s like all of a sudden I woke up and discovered I like sparkly glittery things. As I was feeling a little blue about going back to work this week I thought I’d treat myself to a nice sparkly manicure.

For my nails I started off with Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine polish in the shade ‘Blackberry’ which is a dark blue/greeny shade, and then I painted Essie’s ‘Jazzy Jubilant’ over the top. I was originally just going to use this as an accent nail but it had all these gorgeous blue, pink and silver sparkly bits in and I couldn’t resist applying it to all my nails. I love the way this looks when it catches the light, I think I’m now a glitter nail varnish convert!

Rouge Dior Baurme Lipstick in LYS Rouge

Lately I’ve been really into red lipsticks, but I’m still searching for my one signature red shade. For the longest time I’ve been stood in boots swatching away at any red lipstick I can get my hands on, but I still can’t find the one for me. Being a rather pale girl I don’t want anything too dark, just something bright that I can wear on a daily basis. Recently I had bit of a haul at Dior, where I first picked up Dior’s Star Foundation, and I was so impressed with it that a few days later I went back in search of my red lipstick. I must have looked confused at all the different shades of lipsticks, as a lovely sales assistant came over to help me almost straight away! Dior is still a fairly new brand to me, and I’ve only just started using their products, so I don’t know a lot about them, so I’m very glad the sales assistant was there to help.
I was looking for a bright red lipstick that I could wear on a daily basis without it being too over the top. I explained this to the assistant, who seemed to know exactly what I meant. She suggested I tried out the Rouge Dior Baurme Lipsticks, and showed me a few different shades before trying LYS Rouge on me. Once she applied the colour I fell in love, it was like I’d finally found the one I’d been looking for. It comes as a rather sheer lipstick, so it doesn’t feel like the colour is too solid, and can be applied to give you just a small amount of colour, or applied thinker for something a bit bolder. The lipstick as also really moisturising, and the assistant told me it’s perfect for the colder months as it won’t dry out your lips, and it feels really sleek and easy to apply. After seeing how it looked on me I knew I had to buy it, and £26 later I left Dior with a shiny new lipstick.
I don’t have many ‘high end’ lipsticks, just a handful of MAC and my YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick, so this one feels rather treasured to me. I’ve worn this a few times now and I’ve had some great compliments on how it looks, so I’m rather happy thinking that I’ve finally found my signature red shade, and I’m really rather impressed with Dior lipsticks! Thank goodness I’m on a spending ban hey..

Back To Work Makeup

Today is my first day back to work after two lovely weeks off over Christmas. While I was on my annual leave I didn’t really wear much make up, especially as a lot of the time I was at home doing nothing. It was nice to give my skin bit of a break for a while, but I have missed wearing make up and I’m looking forward to wearing some again this week!

I don’t want to go crazy on the makeup front, especially as I haven’t worn some for a while so I’m just going to be wearing a few current makeup favourites. I’m starting with my current favourite foundations, Dior’s Star. It gives my skin an amazing glowy look which I’ve not found in the past with other foundations, and then I’ll use my Dior Star Concealor to cover up my dark circles and any blemishes. To colour in my eyebrows I’ll be using my Naked Basics Palette using the shade ‘Faint’ which matches my eyebrows perfectly, giving them a more defined look, and then I’ll use my Rimmel London Scanadleyes Mascara on my lashes. To give my cheeks a bit of colour I’ll be using Benefit’s Hervana blusher, and as I’ve got quite into red lipstick lately I thought I’d wear Rimmel London’s Kate Moss lipstick in the shade ‘Kiss of Life’.

It’s quite a simple makeup look as I’ve lost a bit of my mojo with makeup lately, but I’m feeling rather adventurous about wearing red lipstick to work for a change! If you saw my blog post yesterday you’ll know that I’m trying to use more of my lipsticks this year, so why not start with my first day back at work! Are you back to work today? What makeup products will you be wearing?

The Sunday Post #20 – I Own Too Many Lipsticks

In my dressing table I have three compartments, one for face products, one for eye products, and one for lip products. Recently I noticed the one for lip products was getting a little full, so decided to give it bit of a clear out when I realised why it seemed so full, I own far too many lipsticks. I’m not quite sure when or how this happened, especially as I’m not someone who wears lipstick everyday, so it seems a tad ridiculous that I have around 50 lipsticks!

When I was going through my lipstick compartment I found loads of old favourites that I’d forgotten about, products like lip crayons that I was once upon a time obsessed with, Benefit’s Lollitint which I loved, and the Rimmel Apocalips. How could I forget about all these lipsticks I once loved! Everytime I’ve bought a new lipstick it’s been stuck at the front of the collection, meaning my old favourites have found themselves to the back and have been completely forgotten about. I felt so bad about my poor neglected lipsticks that I’ve given my lipstick collection a good reshuffle to remind myself of some of my older lipsticks. As it’s the new year I’ve given myself a kind of beauty new years resolution to wear more of my lipsticks, and as I’m on my spending ban I won’t be buying anymore at least!

I seriously can’t believe how many lipsticks I’ve got that I’ve just forgotten about, and I dread to think how much money I’ve spent! Are you like me and are bit of a lipstick hoarder? Or have you got your stash under control?

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge

I mentioned in my latest haul post that this year I’m putting myself on an 100 day spending ban. Me and the other half really want to move out of my parents house and get our own place, but we’re both terrible at saving money! We’ve sat down and worked out how we can get some pennies together, and one thing I’m going to do is to put myself on an 100 day spending ban challenge. I did one this time last year and completely failed, but this year I’m determined to give it a proper go!

I’ve decided to start my spending ban from the 1st January, meaning that the last day will be the 11th April. During this time I won’t be spending money on any beauty products, clothes, or things I don’t need. Although if I run out of something like deodorant, I will buy some more! I will also still be spending some money on social events, but I will try to cut back on these! I’ll also be posting an update on the blog every week, and I will confess if I slip up!

Anyone else taking part in a spending ban? Let me know how yours is going!

Things I Learnt In 2014

It’s crazy to think today is the first day of 2015, Happy new year! 2014 was a strange year, and I learnt a few things a long the way. So for my first blog post of 2015 I thought it seemed appropriate to talk about what I learnt in 2014.

I really don’t need to pluck my eyebrows
Bit of a strange one, but I’ve always thought I had to pluck my eyebrows into a shape, but after leaving them to do their own thing for a while, I realised that actually they have quite a nice natural shape so I’ve decided to leave them at that.

I can be strong when I need to be
I’ve never thought of myself as a strong person, but having a load of rubbish stuff happen in 2014 I realised that actually I can be strong, and I can also be really positive!

I don’t need to wear makeup everyday
I’m a terrible person to my skin and I often cover it in makeup when I’m not even going anywhere, thus making my skin worse. I’ve started not wearing as much makeup and I’m really seeing a difference in my skin. Need to carry this on this year!

I’m good at my job
I struggled a bit at the beginning of 2014 while I was still looking for a job, and then when I got my first job I thought it was me being rubbish, but I realised actually the job wasn’t for me, and once I found a new job I realised I’m actually really good at what I do. It’s nice to have job satisfaction, and to find where I fit in!

I have far too many lipsticks for one person
Yupp I’ve gone a bit mad with lipsticks in 2014, and counting them I found I have about 50 odd, which is ridiculous considering how little I wear them! I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to wear them this year, or try to downsize my collection.

I want to settle down
I really want 2015 to be the year I move out and start to settle down and move on with my life. 2014 saw one of my friends have a baby, another get engaged, and another buy a house while I’m still living at home. I’ve mentioned it a few times but I’ve decided this year I’m going to do my absolute best at saving money so this can happen!

It’s never too late to get in contact with old friends
I lost contact with a few old friends a few years ago when our lives went different ways, and 2014 is a year where I met up with a few old friends and it was lovely. It was no different from the old days and it was really good to catch up, I must make sure I do this more this year!

Have you learnt anything from 2014?

The Last Haul Of 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about moving out lately, and especially how me and my other half have been together a very long time now and want to move on with our lives. We’re currently living with my parents, and to be honest we’re quite happy at the moment, we just don’t have a lot of money to get our own place. We’ve both admitted we’re terrible at saving money, and have decided that in 2015 we’re going to make a serious go at saving some money together to get our own place. To help on my side of saving money I’ve decided to go on a spending ban for 100 days, but first to get my no spending out of my system I decided to buy a couple of bits, which turned into a lot, which may have possibly turned into quite a haul. So here’s my last haul of 2014, and actually for a very long time!
For a while now I’ve had my eyes on Dior’s Star Foundation, so I decided to visit a Dior counter and treat myself, which turned out with my buying the Star Concealer as well. I was then hunting for a red lipstick for new years, when the lovely Dior counter assistant helped me to pick one out, and then I ended up buying a lip liner too as I didn’t already have one, I’m a terrible beauty blogger.

 After looking at my local Dior counter I decided to look around the rest of Boots as it would be rude not to. I want to try growing my hair again so I turned to my old faithful Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, and it happened to be on 3 for 2. My current cleanser and serum is getting a little low so I picked up Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser as I’ve heard good things about it, and another Hydrating Serum, as this has worked well for me in the past. I then picked up Rimmel London’s Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade Kiss Of Life as the colour looked amazing and I’ve not tried one of the Kate Moss lipsticks yet, and Essie’s Jazzy Jubilant nail varnish, mostly because it was pretty and sparkly…

In The Body Shop’s sale I picked up a few bits, including the Raspberry Body Scrub and Body Butter, the Blueberry Body Scrub and the Frosted Cranberry Perfume which smells incredible! I was actually quite restrained in The Body Shop as there was loads I wanted to buy, but I’m glad I only came away with four things.

So that’s my last haul of 2014, and for a very long time! Hopefully this will have got my spending habits under control and it will all be out of my system for 2015. Now to start this spending ban…

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

One thing I can never have enough of is lipstick. I have a whole drawer of the stuff, in every shade you could imagine. I usually stick to ‘drug store’ lipsticks, but every now and then it’s nice to try out a higher end product. One brand I’ve never really tried anything from, but have heard great things about their lipsticks, is Yves Saint Laurent.

I was recently given the chance to try out one of their Volupte Sheer Candy Lipsticks, and I picked the shade No. 3, which is a sheer baby pink colour. The lipsticks are a range of lipsticks in sheer bright colours, that also work as a lip balm, leaving your lips smooth with a hint of colour. In the tube the lipstick looks quite pink, but once applied to my lips you can tell how sheer it really is. The colour hardly shows up, it just gives the impression of my lips but glossier. As I’m not the type of person who wears bright lipsticks on a daily basis, this works perfectly for me as an everyday lipstick, and I’ve found myself reaching for this most mornings to wear to work.  I know not everyone is a huge fan of sheer lipsticks, but for me this is great for me for work, as I don’t really want to wear a super bright colour.

I was always put off the price of high end lipsticks in the past, especially as this one is £25, but I really think the quality is worth it, and especially for how often I wear it. So far I’m really impressed with the Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick, and I’ve already got my eyes on getting some more YSL lipsticks… Do you have any? What are your favourites?

The Sunday Post #11 – Reflecting

This weekend I decided to take some time out and have a fairly quiet weekend. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, I recently went away on a trip up north with the other half to visit his parents. It was a really nice time away, and it was actually the most amount of time me and Chris got to spend together since September due to our long distance relationship. So we drove the 300 miles to go visit his family, and it was great to catch up with them but gosh it’s such a long drive back home! We got back on the Tuesday and it was straight back to work on Wednesday, and catching up on what I missed over the bank holiday so it’s been a pretty busy tiring week! Another fun thing that happened in the past week is that my blog turned 3! Crazy to think I’ve been writing my little blog for 3 years now, and so many great things have happened to me because of it.

Friday night was actually quite a busy start to my quiet weekend. I went out in Watford with some people from work for our head of marketing’s leaving do. I haven’t been at the company long so I didn’t really get a chance to know her that well, but she’d been at the company for 12 years and had made a pretty big impact on everyone’s lives. It’s safe to say it got a bit emotional saying goodbye, but we had a great time out with some dinner and drinks. As my company has several different offices it was really nice to mix with some people from the other offices and get to know everyone a bit better.

Saturday was a bit more quiet. I went to go and give blood on Saturday in the day, which is always fun and games. I hate needles, and I often pass out afterwards but I have a rare blood type so it’s something I need to keep trying. Sadly I had another fail at giving blood where my vein decided to hide, and then when they found it it was really painful and they could hardly get any blood so not much of a donation. I then had a quiet night with a friend and a rather competitive game of monopoly.

Today I’m off to visit my grandparents, which can be fun and games. They live two hours away, which is getting quite stressful as they’re getting older and we can’t help out as much. They mean the world to me so it’s not great to see, but I know my time with them is precious now.

Hopefully after a quieter weekend the week ahead will start a lot calmer. Do you have many plans?

Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique

I don’t know how my poor hair puts up with me. It’s been put through hell with bleaching, dying, and constant heat application. So I decided it was time to treat my hair to some products that would help it out, especially if I ever want it to grow. One product that my friend Simone raves about is the Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique, she’s even put down her hair growth to this product. So I decided it was time that I invested in some quality hair care products, and gave this a try.



The Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique is a thermo-protective nourishing leave in treatment for dry, very dry, or sensitised hair. It helps to moisturise and protect your hair from heat, something which I use all the time. It can also help to make your hair look softer and shinier, as well as improving hair drying and straightening performance.

Before I was recommended this I’d never used anything from Kérastase before, so I wasn’t sure how their products would work with my hair. I’ve always used heat protector sprays, but as my hairdresser pointed out they’re not great at applying the protection where you hair needs it directly. Using a coin sized amount of this in wet hair I can directly apply this to areas that need more protection, like the bits directly around my face to give them a maximum amount of protection. I’ve found that this product is also great at taming my frizz and gives me a great sleek blow dry look once I’ve dried my hair.

I really think this is a wonder product, since using it the condition of my hair has drastically improved. It feels so much softer, smoother and healthier than it did before, it’s hard to believe that I have the same head of hair! I can certainly see why everyone raves about this product, my hair has never been happier since using this. My first try of a Kérastase product has really impressed me, and I really don’t ever want to be without my Nutritive Nectar Thermique.

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – The End

Today marks the end of my 100 day spending ban challenge – hurrah! If you’ve been keeping up with my update posts you’ll have seen this has been bit of an up and down ban for me, but I’ve learnt a few things when it comes to saving and spending.  It’s not been the best of spending bans, and I’ve broken it a few times. And when it comes to saving money, I’ve not done so well, although I’ve paid off a lot of debt. I originally started this spending ban when I was unemployed and had no income, or a way to pay off my student debts. Since then I’ve got myself a full time job with a salary, which has really helped when it comes to paying back my overdraft.

However when it came to my savings, they’re still almost as non-existent as when I started my ban. I set up a standing order to put away £122.50 every month which should cover the cost of my car insurance, MOT, tax and a bit extra in case my car engine decides to fail again. But that’s the only form of savings I have going on right now. When I started my ban I hoped that I would end it with a lot more savings to help towards trying to move out and buy a house, but I’ve mainly focused on paying back my student ways, which I guess is still progress at the end of the day.

I’ve definitely changed the way I feel about buying more products, and I do find myself questioning if I really NEED another lipstick. But if you’ve read my previous updates you’ll know I did slip up a few times. I’m hoping that now I’ve finished my spending ban I’ll try and keep this attitude towards money and spending, and hopefully I’ll finally start to get some savings together! Hopefully in a few months time I’ll take part in another spending ban, and actually manage to stick to it!

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A Foodies Guide To Italy

It’s no secret that Italy is known for its food. From pizza, to pasta, to wine, and ice cream, no one does it quite right like Italy. I’ve been fortunate to travel to Italy a few times in the past, and I’ve experienced some great food on my way. Each region of Italy has it’s own specialties, and you really need to travel around to make the most of fine Italian cuisine. There are several guides you can find on the best places to eat in Italy, but with so many different regions it can be hard to decide where to start! On my travels I’ve been lucky enough to try out a few different places, so here’s a few places I definitely recommend you should try.


Puglia is the home to miles and miles of gorgeous sandy beaches and delicious Italian cuisine, surrounded by some beautiful views. Over the past few years the region of Puglia has been discovered as a huge talking point for foodies. Offering foodie events running throughout the year, with at least one event taking place each month. The contemprary fairs still continue on the tradition of producing some of Italy’s finest olive oil, as well as being the sixth biggest wine-making region in the world.

Tuscany & Umbria

With its miles of rolling fields of olives and long stretches of vineyards, it’s no surprise that Tuscany should win a place on this list. Tuscany is famous for offering some of the finest wines and cuisines that the country has to offer. There’s one place that all foodies certainly need to pay a visit to, and that’s the Chianti region, the wine-making capital of Tuscany. Wine-tasting and winery tours are of course available here, where you can have the chance to taste some of the most famous wines; Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. On past trips to Italy I’ve fallen in love with the wine so much, I’ve had to bring it back home with me! When it comes to the food, Tuscan cuisine reflects the regional way of life, adopting the mantra of taking i slowly. Slow-cooked food and slow-paced dining packed full of flavors are the norm here.

Neapolitan Rivieria

For those with a well-developed palate and a taste for finer food, a holiday in the Neapolitan Riviera is not to be missed! With culinary delights such as fresh fish from Cetara, a local fishing village, and fresh spaghetti served with a rich anchovy pesto. And of course who could forget the signature dish of the region, Neapolitan pizza! Freshly made, thin-crust bases topped with tomato, mozzarella, and basil, scattered with either fresh seafood, meat or vegetables all cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven – who wouldn’t want to visit?

Italian food is certainly more than just pizza and pasta. It’s about exploring the different tastes of each region. You won’t regret it!

Kindle ebook Haul

One of my new years resolutions was to take the time to read more books. Reading is always something I’ve loved since a small child, and I’ve been bit of a book worm since. Although since I went to university I’ve slowed down a bit on the reading front. I think because I was having to do so much academic reading I didn’t really want to do any more in my downtime. Sadly I got out of sync with reading, and its something I really want to get back into. I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 30 books before I turn 25, which I spoke about here. To kick start my reading challenge I decided to treat myself to a few new books that I’ve been eyeing up for a while to motivate me.

I was having a browse on the Amazon Kindle section to see what sort of books stood out and appealed to me. It then recommenced me a few based on past selections, and I picked out a few that I’ve heard good things about from other people. One of the first books I decided to pick out was The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. I’m a huge fan of the film, so I’m hoping the book is as good. I’ve also picked out a couple more books that have been made into films; Twelve Years A Slave by Northup Soloman, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Sometimes it’s great to read a book before you’ve watched the film, but sometimes in the past I’ve found it disappointing as the film isn’t in as much detail as the book.

I also bought the I Heart series by Lindsey Kirk. I love a good chick lit, and I’ve heard some good things about the I Heart series, and it’s been on my wishlist for a while now. Another good chick lit book I’ve heard about is Here’s Looking At You by Mhairi McFarlane. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, but it’s something I’ve never got around to reading, so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone’s raving about. A couple of books that caught my eye were The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and the P45 Dairies by Ben Hatch, both of which look like an interesting read.

I’m looking forward to getting started on reading all of my new books, and it’s nice to see some colourful front covers loaded up on my Kindle app. Hopefully I’ll rediscover my love for reading again. Have you read any of these books? What do you think?

The Sunday Post #9 – Being A Technology Addict

Hi my name’s Lisahh-Jayne and I’m a technology addict. I find myself constantly needing pieces of technology just because they’re the latest thing. I find myself constantly upgrading my phone to the latest iPhone that’s just come out, or needing the latest gadget that somehow will make my life easier even though I’ve coped fine without it in the past. The latest addition to my technology hoarding ways is my new iPad mini. Something that I definitely didn’t need, but still found myself buying.

I actually bought the iPad 3 two years ago as “21st birthday present to myself”, and it was still working fine, and I still found myself using it. It didn’t really need upgrading, but somehow I found myself agreeing to a contract with EE to get an iPad mini, and selling my iPad 3 to a friend. Why? Because I needed a smaller, more up to date version of something I already had. Although I do find myself agreeing that my new iPad was an “investment”, and really it is smaller and cuter than my old one. I’ve even bought it a pretty floral case to make it look more girly. I like to think that one day I’ll stop my need for the latest bit of technology, but for now I’m going to sit and play with my new iPad until Apple come out with a new one in a few months time that I’ll then claim I need.

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #13

I’m now 91 days into the worst spending ban you’ve probably seen in the history of spending bans. Finally the end is in sight, only another 9 days to go! Keeping up my theme of doing terribly with a spending ban, I have another confession this week. I shopped.

Last week I took a day off work for my mums birthday and went shopping with her. I had no intention of buying anything for myself, but once we were going around the shops I kept finding things I liked the look of. And then I decided that because the weather was warming up, I really needed some summer dresses, and found myself buying not one, but four dresses. Oh but I didn’t just stop there. I then found myself in Boots buying a few hair products, and a benefit blusher, meaning that I spent a whole £150 in a day. I’m officially the worst person on a spending ban, I’m pretty certain I have spent more money in the past 91 days than I have saved.

Although I’m a terrible person, I have learnt a lot about saving money, and I’ve created a few savings ‘pots’ as well as paying off some debt. I’m learning to be a little more responsible with my money, despite having broke my spending ban a few times. Maybe 100 days was a little ambitious, maybe with a shorter one I would have succeeded. Anyway on to the last 9 days of my spending ban, and no doubt I’ll update again next week with how I got on overall!

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25 Before 25

Taking inspiration from Bex’s blog I decided to come up with a list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. Although I’m only actually going to be 23 this year, I still wanted to take part in this, and it gives me something to aim for! In May 2016 I’ll turn 25, and I’m hoping to do everything on my list before then.

1- Move Out
As much as I love living at home, I really want to move out. I want to learn to be independent, and have somewhere that’s my own place.
2- Buy a House
Ideally I want to buy a house. The more I look into this, the further away it seems. I’m already saving towards a mortgage, but even with the help to buy scheme I still need £15,000…
3- Buy a New Car
My car is an old piece of rubbish. Recently I’ve replaced the head gasket, and had it all re-welded as it’s so rusty. So I’m looking into a replacement when I can afford one!
4-Read 30 Books
I’m really hopeless with reading, I used to love it as a child but recently I find it hard to motivate myself to do. Between now and May 2016 I want to read 30 books.
5- Visit New York Again
New York is my favourite place in the whole world. In 2008 I spent 4 days there and I’ve been dying to go back since.
6- Visit Disneyland Paris Again
I’ve always been a Disney addict, and I’ve visited Disney Paris a fair few times. But it doesn’t mean I can’t again!
7- Become a Chartered Marketer
I’ve recently started working in marketing, and I really want to do some further marketing qualifications and work towards becoming a chartered marketer.
8 -Save Up Some Money
Saving money has never been my strong point, I’d always rather spend it! But I want to learn to be responsible with my money and get some decent savings together.
9 -Start Planning Towards a Masters Degree
After nearly loosing the will to live with my undergrad, for some reason I want to do a masters. Sadly it’s a huge chunk of money that I don’t have, so I really want to start planning towards getting one.
10 -Lose 5 Stone
I’m on a weightloss mission, and I’ve lost a bit so far. By the time it gets to May 2016 I really want to have lost 5 stone.
11 – Visit More Museums 
I love museums, they’re always a great day out. I really want to try and visit more, I’ll have to take a look into which ones to visit!
12- Grow My Hair
When I was 17 I cut off my hair and it’s the biggest mistake I made. I really want to try and grow it back, but at the moment it won’t move past my shoulders!
13 – Stop Drinking So Much Diet Coke 
I have bit of a diet coke addiction, I can rarely get through a day without having one. I really want to try and cut back, and maybe give it up altogether!
14 – Take Up A New Hobby
Recently I’ve tried to learn knitting, but gave up a bit. I really want to learn a new hobby, it would be nice to come home from work and have something to take my mind off things
15 – Go For Afternoon Tea
Going for a fancy trip for afternoon tea has been something on my to do list for the longest time.
16 – Visit a Spa
I’ve never been to a spa, and I think this is something I really need to do before I turn 25!
17 – Donate To Charity Regularly
I occasionally give to charity, and I’ve started volunteering. But I really want to be a more charitable person and find a charity to give to regularly.
18 – Cut Back on How Much Stuff I Have
I’m bit of a hoarder, I have stuff everywhere, and things in boxes I don’t even use. I want to try and cut back from my hoarding ways.
19 – Visit Amsterdam
Amsterdam is somewhere that I’ve been meaning to visit for ages. Before I’m 25 I really want to make some plans to visit
20 – Stay In A Fancy Hotel For Mine & Chris’s Five Year Anniversary
In December 2015 me and Chris will have been together for 5 years and I really want to do something nice to mark the occasion.
21 – Get It All Out
Sometimes I keep things bottled up, and I carry a lot of anger about a few things. I really want to learn how to deal with it all and get it all out.
22 –Spend More Time With My Grandparents
My grandparents mean the world to me, but as they live 2 hours away I don’t always get to spend a lot of time with them. I want to try and make more time for them, especially as they’re getting older.
23 – Get Over My Fear Of Planes
I hate planes and have some crazy irrational fear about them, despite being on one several times before! I really want to learn to get over my fears, especially as I want to go on more holidays!
24 – Learn To Be Organised
I’m a completely unorganised person. I never know where things are, and even my work inbox is an unorganised mess. I want to learn to become more organised, and then maybe I won’t spend so long trying to find things!
25 – Learn To Sleep
I’ve never been someone who sleeps well. Its only since recently I’ve started sleeping 6 hours a night, but I still find myself waking up in the night. I want to learn to sleep through the night, and to get a decent amount of sleep before I’m 25!
So there’s my 25 things I want to do before I’m 25, and with just over 2 years I think I can achieve them all in time! Do you have anything you want to do?

A Night to Remember With Hospice of St Francis

Charity has always been something that’s close to my heart. I like to think I’m a caring, giving person, and when I can I like to help out a worthy cause. I really like to help out local charities, and I even volunteer at one every few weeks. Recently I was contacted on behalf of a local charity, The Hospice of St Francis who are based in Hemel Hempstead. The Hospice of St Francis is a charity that provides free professional support and care for people living with life-shortening illnesses. Their goal is to bring peace, comfort and dignity to patients and help them live life to the full, for as long as that may be.

The Hospice of St Francis are organising “A Night to Remember” for the communities of Hemel, Berkhamsted, Chesham, the Langleys and beyond, on the 28th June. It will a night to remember for many reasons – Over the past eight years the Hospice of St Francis Midnight Walk has ignited the community spirit of Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding area. The charity walk, which begins at 9.30pm on 28th June, brings hundreds of pink-clad people together not only to support the Hospice, but also each other as many use the event to honour and treasure the memories of loved ones. It has become known as a truly memorable event to share with friends and family.

This year The Hospice is planning to be bigger and pinker than ever! The Midnight Walk offers a 5-mile walk from Hemel to Berkhamsted, as well as a more challenging 11-mile looped course starting and finishing in Hemel. Open to anyone over the age of 11, it is the perfect night out for families, friends, work colleagues or fitness groups. As an added incentive to join the walk, all those registering before Easter Sunday will get their own set of flashing bunny ears to wear on the night – and who wouldn’t want some flashing bunny ears!

To join in it only costs £20 for adults, and £15 for under 18’s. Registration also includes a free t-shirt, medal and a decent post- walk cuppa and buttie. Event organisers are encouraging participants to get involved by sharing their #HospiceMidnightWalk memories on social media. Tell other people about your involvement in the event and see what others are up to during the build up and throughout the night. I think it’s a great cause to be involved in, and who doesn’t need an excuse to dress up in pink?!?

You can find more information about the campaign and how to sign up here.

Origins Haul

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I broke my spending ban and gave in to buying a few Origins products. At the time my skin was in a dire need of TLC, and my current skincare routine wasn’t helping at all. So when payday came around I decided to give in and buy a few new items for my skincare routine. And really skincare is an investment right? 

Dr Weil Mega-Bright Cleanser – £25
One thing that I always want from my skincare products is to give me brighter, healthier looking skin. I’ve tried a couple of products that have claimed to do so in the past, but I’ve still not found my holy grail product. I decided to give the Dr Weil’s range a go, and hopefully it will give my dull skin a bit of the boost that it needs!
Dr Weil Mega-Bright Treatment Lotion – £25
Well I couldn’t buy the cleanser without the toner really could I? So far I really like this toner, it smells amazing and it’s great to use on my skin first thing in the morning. Hopefully it will help to brighten my skin as well!
Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum – £34
A serum is something I’ve never really used in my skincare routine but I thought I should really be using. Having combination skin I find that sometimes it can get a bit dry and dehydrated feeling, so I felt like this one was best for me.
Plantscription Anti-aging Serum – £47
I actually got this serum free when I ordered online, but although it wasn’t something I planned on getting I’m still finding I’m using it as part of my skincare routine occasionally. I know it’s an anti-aging product and at 22 I shouldn’t be too worried about that, but you can never be too early to start on anti-aging right?
Eye Doctor Eye Cream – £27
Another product I’ve hardly used in the past, I know I’m a terrible person! I’ve found that through years of not using any, my eye area is now starting to feel dry and sore, especially as I’m having long days at work staring at a screen. So I felt like I needed an eye cream with a little extra TLC in, and since using this my eyes are feeling a lot better!
No Puffery Roll On – £24
I decided to buy this to keep in my handbag for work. As I work mainly on a computer I can find that my eyes can get quite tired come the end of the day, so to give them a little pick me up with this roll on really helps!
Although I broke my spending ban I feel like these products will probably keep me going for a while! So far I’m really loving everything I picked up, and I’m hoping to see some good results from the Dr Weil’s range. Have you tried any of these products from Origins? What do you think?

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Over the past year I’ve found myself turning to more ‘high end’ foundations, with MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid and Clinque’s Even Better being a couple of my favourites. Now that I’ve tried a few high end foundations, I can’t see myself going back to a high street alternative. The application, the coverage and the exact colour match is just something that I can’t find with high street foundations, especially when it comes to finding a foundation that’s pale enough for me. I still don’t think I’ve found my ‘holy grail’ when it comes to foundation, but I’m finding some great products while I’m looking. Another one that’s made it to the favourite foundations list is Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation.

I was introduced to this by my friend Simone when I was last visiting up north. I’d never tried anything from Bobbi Brown, and after hearing Simone raving about their foundations I decided to get colour matched for one. At the time I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in a foundation, but after talking with the sales assistant I was recommended Skin. Skin foundation is a very lightweight, virtually invisible foundation. A few years ago I would have never considered this, but now I’m more confident with my skin I don’t want as heavier foundation as I used to use. Even though it’s a lightweight formula I find that it covers up any blemishes or redness that I might have.

Bobbi Brown is now on my list of favourite foundations, and I’ve still got a few more on my list to try. I’m thinking Estee Lauders Double Wear and Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua, anyone have any experience with these?

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week 10, 11 & 12

I’ve been terrible at updating my blog on my spending ban challenge lately. So bad that since my last update I haven’t wrote another one in three weeks, oops. To be honest I’m finding there isn’t a lot to update on lately.

I’ve been being good and have hardly bought any beauty products unless it’s something I need like deodorant etc.  I keep finding myself in Boots swatching away at products, and then asking myself “do I really need this?”, or “isn’t this similar to something else I already have?”. I’m glad my attitude to products is changing, because I really do have a lot a lot of beauty products, and since I’ve been on this ban I’ve been trying to use up more products and I’ve hardly made a dent into what I already own. Proving that no, I really don’t need more.

When it comes to saving some money I’m now starting to get somewhere. Since I’ve started this spending ban I’ve got a full time job, which of course comes with a lovely salary and a monthly income! I’ve had two pay days since starting this, which has helped me to completely pay off my credit card – hurrah! I’ve also worked out how much I spend on my car in a year, divided it into a monthly figure, and I’m now putting that away every month so that when my insurance or MOT is due, it won’t be a huge chunk of money. So my thoughts and actions towards money has definitely changed. I’m now working on paying off my overdraft, and then I can start on my savings to buy a house!

So although there’s been a lack of updates on my spending ban lately, I definitely think tehre’s an improvement to my financial life, and I’m event thinking about things before I buy them – which isn’t something I would have been doing 12 weeks ago!

See how I’ve got on in previous weeks –

Twinings Indulgence Green Teas

It’s no secret that I love tea. At work I’m always that girl who’s constantly popping out to the kettle, and at home I’m constantly surrounded by empty mugs. Recently I’ve started drinking green tea as I heard its slightly healthier for you, but I find it tastes so bitter. I discovered a lot of flavoured green teas, and having it with a bit of lemon, or peach can take away the horrible bitter taste. I then discovered Twinings Indulgence green tea’s, a range of flavoured green teas in Caramelised Apple, Gingerbread, and salted caramel, possibly all of my favourite flavours ever made into tea! When I spotted these in my local Tesco I just knew I had to buy them! They all sounded delicious, and I really hoped they tasted as good as they sounded.

When it came to tasting them I decided to start with the Gingerbread one first, which if you know me you’ll know this is one of my favourite scents of all time. After I boiled the kettle the whole kitchen smelt amazing, and everyone kept asking me what the gorgeous smell was. I’m glad that this one tasted as amazing as it smelt, as this one has probably taken place as my all time favourite flavoured tea. Sadly I wasn’t as impressed with the Salted Caramel flavour, it again smells amazing, but I don’t feel like it tasted how it should. I also really like the Caramelised Apple flavour, but don’t find it to have as strong of a smell as the other two.

I really love the Twinings Indulgence Tea’s range, and I’d love to see if they bring out anymore flavours in the future! Have you tried any? What’s your favourite?

White Day – 14th March

We all know about Valentines day, a day where men are meant to treat the women in their lives with gifts and chocolate, but I’ve never heard of an alternative for men. I was then told about an alternative that’s celebrated in Japan – White day. White day is a month after valentines day on March 14th, where you gift the men in your life with chocolate and other gifts. As it’s something that’s commonly celebrated in Japan, and doesn’t really come up in our western calendar, it was something I wanted to get involved with.

I thought it would be something nice to take part in with my other half, as we have a long distance relationship we don’t get to spend a lot of time together, so it was nice to be able to surprise Chris with something when I saw him. I decided to gift him with a piece of clothing, a grey and white striped jumper which stood out to me as something he would wear, I chose this one from New Look, and some Thorntons classic chocolates which I ate. Then the next time Chris came down for the weekend (which was actually after white day) I surprised him with these gifts. I was really pleased that he liked the jumper I picked out for him, especially as I’ve not bought him clothes before!

I think White day was good fun, and I’m pretty sure Chris would agree! Maybe it’ll be something we’ll celebrate again next year. Have you heard of White day before?

Taking A Break

You may have noticed things have been quiet around my little corner of the internet lately. In February I started my first full time ‘real world’ job. Not having worked full time in an office environment before I didn’t know how this would effect me and my Ehlers-Danlos syndromme. I decided to be organised and schedule a couple of weeks posts and tweets to keep Lisahh-Jayne up and running. Then I’d try and schedule a few more at the weekend, so that in the week I could focus purely on my job. This worked for around about a month, until one weekend I decided everything was a bit too much and I wanted some time away. After spending a week staring at a computer screen writing content all day, the last thing I wanted to do was do the same thing on my time off.  So I decided to have a week off from my blog and hoped I would feel better about it in a weeks time.

A week turned into two, and two turned into a month. I never planned to have so long away from my little blog, but the time away from the blogging world felt good. Getting away from my laptop and spending a bit more time with my family, friends and long distance boyfriend was great. Weekends go so quickly, I don’t want to spend the whole time writing.

I’ve mentioned a few times about having Ehlers-Danlos Syndromme, it’s never been something that’s played a huge role in my life, but I’ve found since working full time it’s effecting me a little more. Working full time is definitely a lot different from what I was used to. My days start at 6am, and my drive to work can be horrible and take over an hour. All of this is taking its toll on me, and my joints are hurting a lot more, and coming out of place a lot more than they used to. My fatigue is also popping back up, and a lot of my evenings all I want to do is sleep. I’ve started getting into a fitness plan, which not only is helping with my weightloss, but is helping to get back some of my energy levels, meaning now when I get home I don’t just collapse onto my bed. I had all this before when I worked at my McJob and I hated it, but difference is this time I really love the job I have so I don’t want to let it take over my life. I’m currently saving up to buy a house, and I’m considering moving a little closer to work so that my days don’t have to spend so much time sat in traffic in the mornings.

Now I’ve had some time off I’ve found myself missing my little blog, and missing writing. Next month my little corner of the internet turns 3, and it’s not something I want to give up. So now I have my blogging mojo back I’ll get myself organised and get some more posts up on Lisahh-Jayne!

Benefit Hervana Blusher

Benefit products have always been a favourite of mine. Since discovering them a few years back I’m always trying to pick up new products to try. One thing I’d never tried before was their box blushers, I’ve mainly just stuck to mascara’s, primers, and foundations in the past. The difficult decision was trying to pick which one to try. With such a great range of box blushers available I wanted to try them all, but as I’m a slightly paler girl I decided to pick out Hervana, as it’s a mix of paler pinkier shades which would create a subtle glow on my skin, rather than look so obvious.


 Hervana is made up of four different shades; lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose, and berry delight, and blended together the colours make a orchid blossom blush shade. I mainly use it this way, but occasionally I use the lightest shade as a highlighter. I usually go for more peachy tones than pinks, but I really love the colours in this. I just love how this makes my skin look like it’s glowing and gives me a subtle flush kind of colour.



I love everything about this Hervana blusher, from the cutesy packaging to the gorgeous pink shades. It’s taken place as my new favourite blusher, and I find myself reaching for it on a daily basis. Although Benefit blushers aren’t exactly cheap, they retail for £23.50, I really think they look much prettier sat on my dressing table than others. I’m glad I took the plunge to try one of the Benefit blushers, and I’m already thinking about buying another one, probably Dandelion. Do you have any of the Benefit blushers? What do you think?

St Patrick’s Day Gifts

Happy St Patrick’s day! The one day a year it’s perfectly acceptable to wear green and drink Irish beer all day. Of course no celebration is complete without some themed gifts to get you through the day. And in true St Paddy’s day style, they’re all green and alcohol related ;).

Green Twist Glass Beverage Dispenser

Don’t have any green beverages this St Paddy’s day? Then don’t worry! With this green twist glass beverage dispenser anything you put in it will look green. The Green mason jar design can also hold up to 2 gallons of anything you decide to put in.

Hundred Thousand Welcomes Personalized Irish Pub Sign

Don’t have an Irish pub to go to? Then why not make your own at home with this personalized Irish pub sign? It would make the perfect addition over any bar for this St Paddy’s day. You can even change the text to anything that suits you.

Guinness Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Everyone always needs a bottle opener, and it’s guaranteed at parties you can never find one! With this wall mounted one you know exactly where it will be, with the Guinness logo proudly displayed, making opening your beers a lot easier!

Kiss me I’m Pretending to be Irish T-shirt

Everyone always needs a bottle opener, and it’s guaranteed at parties you can never find one! With this wall mounted one you know exactly where it will be, with the Guinness logo proudly displayed, making opening your beers a lot easier!

Irish Personalized Pub Sign

Another great pub sign that you can proudly display in your house. With a large selection of choices when it comes to personalized signs this website has you covered on whatever design you’d like! Again it can still be personalised to whatever you want to say, within reason of course!

Shamrock Print Over the Calf Athletic Socks

If you’re not one for over the top dressing up for your St Paddy’s day festivities then these socks are perfect for you! With the green shamrock design you can still join in and celebrate!
So whether you’ve got a wild night out celebrating, or just a quieter night in with some friends this St Patrick’s day then this should have all your Irish themed gifts sorted!

Shopping Holidays

Being a young female addicted to buying beauty products, and not having the ability to turn down a Boots 3 for 2 offer, shopping is of course something I love. Another thing I love is holidays, be it a few days away for a city break, or a long week in the sun. So of course the idea of shopping holidays is something that sounds rather appealing to me.

Shopping holidays are a great way for you to get away for a few days, pamper yourself whilst still getting a great holiday and some fantastic new bargins ;). There are some amazing shopping destinations in the world,o the chance to fly off for a shopping holiday for some much needed retail therapy sounds great. When it comes to the top shopping locations there’s really only five places that come to mind for me – London, New York, Milan, Paris and Prague. These are the top places for me as not only do they offer the top places for shopping, but also some fantastic sights to feast your eyes on.

Owners Direct offer a range of shopping holidays to these five destinations, where you can book a fancy apartment for your stay for as many people as you want to go. So whether its a short weekend away with your mum, or a long week away with all of your girlfriends there’s the room to do so! I really love the sound of the New York one, being a huge lover of the city and needing to hit Sephora’s beauty range, this sounds right up my street. Taking a look at the apartments as well they seem very affordable, and in great central locations. Making it easy to enjoy a night out for a few cocktails after a busy day of shopping without having to travel too far home afterwards.

I really love this idea, and I think I’ll be saving up some of my pennies for these trips! Just remember if you’re thinking about one of these to make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase ;).

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week 8 & 9

You may have noticed there wasn’t an update on last weeks spending ban process – working full time has taken me some getting used to, and last week I wasn’t very organised and found I hadn’t scheduled any posts! So the past two weeks will be surmised into one post, which is a bit more like a confession…

I said in previous updates that I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with my spending ban as I wasn’t really putting any money away into my savings, but I was doing well at not buying any beauty products. Having got a job I thought that I would be good with my first paycheck and put most of it away for a ‘rainy day’. But I didn’t. In fact I did completely the opposite and splurged in Origins and Feel Unique… breaking my spending ban by £200, oops. In my defense I did also put away £400 into my savings, but I did still break my spending ban.

Since my payday splurge I haven’t broken my spending ban again, and I’m hoping I’ve managed to get that out of my system and finish what’s left of my spending ban on my best behaviour…

See how I got on in other weeks –

Nuxe Wishlist

As a beauty addict there’s constantly a list of brands I’m wanting to try products from. And being a budget, it’s not always possible to try things from brands without breaking the bank. I always used to think that high end products were just over priced, and that I could get the same quality with a product on the high street. The more I’m learning about skincare, and what works for my skin, I’m learning that isn’t always the case, and high end products should be seen as more of an investment. One brand that I’m dying to try is Nuxe. I’m constantly hearing raving reviews on YouTube and blogs about Nuxe products, and I’d love to try out a few!

Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask – £19.50

I’m an addict to face masks, and of course I need more to add to my collection. This mask is specifically made to help hydrate and soothe the skin. My skin is always feeling a bit dry and dehydrated, so this one sounds right up my street!

I’ve heard some great reviews of this lip balm, but for £9.50 I can’t justify spending that. It sounds like it would be the perfect lip balm for the winter months, especially for my lips that are forever cracking in the cold.

I’m experimenting in the world of using a make-up remover before a cleanser in my evening skincare routine to see if it helps improve the condition of my skin. I don’t know much about it but I did think this one sounded rather nice to use!

I’ve mentioned on my blog in the past that I have horrible dry skin, so I’m always looking out for a new body lotion that can help combat that. This one sounds perfect for my skin as it helps to soothe and repair.

This is another product that I’ve constantly heard raved about in the blogging world, a multi purpose oil with a hint of a shimmer in. I imagine this is perfect for the summer months, as the shimmer would really help to enhance the look of a tan!

I’m a big lover of serums at the moment, and I’m trying to find the perfect one for my skin. Currently I’ve been using ones from Origin’s, which I love, but this one sounds like it helps to bring out more natural radiance, which is something I love in a skin care product!

As you can see the prices quickly add up, making having bit of a haul turning into quite a large splurge! Hopefully one day my wishlist dreams will come true, but for now they’ll sadly have to stay this way. Especially while I’m still taking part in my spending ban!


Are you the sort of person who likes to buy products that are made locally? Do you like to give local small businesses a chance over big corporate companies? Then you should take a look at MadeCloser. MadeCloser is a place where customers can buy any goods that are orginally manufactured locally; sorted by area – in order of local, regional, national or continental location. It then works as an online marketplace, where shoppers who care about local economies, sustainable commerce, and helping out locals, and can chose products from a wide-ranging cataogue of products – all of which are made closer!

All of the manufacturers and producers of all the products listed on MadeCloser have passion for what they make, so that you know everything is made because they enjoy making it, not because they have to! All of the products on MadeCloser are listed by genre, making it easy for you to sort through what you are looking for. You can also put in your postcode to find products that are made locally to you.

Of course when I was looking through the site one of the first categories I went to was the beauty section! I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d not come across MadeCloser before, but I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of products and choice available. Not only have I been admiring the beauty section, but there’s also a few iPhone cases I’ve had my eye on, as well as some hand knitted mug cosy’s and some gorgeous sounding candles!

I really love the range of wall stickers, especially this one. I think they’re great if you’re looking to add something extra to your home. I really love how everything has that handmade touch to it, rather than the same products you say in every high street shop. I’m certainly impressed with MadeCloser and will definitely keep them in mind next time I’m doing an online shop!

February Favourites

I can’t believe it’s the end of February already. Having started in the world of working full time this month I’ve been crazy busy and time has just flown by. February wasn’t really a month of trying out new products, but it was one for discovering a few old favourites, and a month of a routine with using some of the same products over and over. There’s a couple of products that I loved last month included again, but good to see my love for them is still going strong hey?

Korres Nourishing Hair Mask
I’m a lover of hair masks, I constantly have a bathroom full of them and find myself using them a couple of times a week. This is the first product I’ve used from Korres and I’m pretty impressed. It’s helped to keep my hair feeling nourished and soft, I think it’s going to become a firm favourite.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner
This is one of those products I’m constantly repurchasing and can’t seem to live without. Aussie products just do this amazing thing to my hair and smell great. This has now run out and I think a Boots trip to buy some more is in need.

Origins Never A Dull Moment Exfoliator – Review
I’ve had this exfoliator a while and it kind of got forgotten about for a while whilst I used other exfoliators but this month I rediscovered my love for it. I always find the day after using this my skin is amazing and almost glowing.

Elemis Skin Glow Face Wash
I got this in a goody bag at and event months ago and completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until I was going through my box of samples I rediscovered it and started using it. I find it gently exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling soft and looking radiant. I think once my spending ban is over I might look into purchasing a full size of this.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil – Review
This was one of the products that was also mentioned last month, and I’ve found I’ve used this every single day this month, so of course it would be another favourite! The condition of my hair has amazingly improved with using this, and I can’t think about using another hair oil now I’ve tried this one.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
My lovely friend Simone introduced me to this foundation, and I’ve been a lover of it since. Lately I’ve found I’ve been wearing it almost every day. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage I need, without being too thick or heavy for everyday use.

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer
Another product that was also mentioned last month. I’m still wearing this on a daily basis and find that under my foundation it gives me a nice glow, and helps to keep my make up in place all day.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder
I can’t go without wearing a powder in my daily make up routine, and lately my favourite has been this one. It comes in a handy compact making it great to take around in my handbag on the go.
So that’s this months favourite products, what are yours?

February Empties

I don’t usually do these types of posts, mostly because I have so many products that I hardly use them up on a monthly basis. But as I’m doing my spending ban I’m trying to use up as many products as I can to make room for new ones save some money. February was a good month for using us products as you can see.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner
Aussie products are always a favourite of mine, espeically the 3 minute miracle deep conditioners. They just do amazing things to my hair, making them feel soft and silky. I’m always sad when they run out, but especially now as I’m on a spending ban. This is definite repurchase!

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
This was actually the first Aussie shampoo I had tried, but I instantly fell in love with it. It’s given my hair plenty of moisture and helped it from feeling so dry. I can also see this being a repurchase in the hopefully not so far distant future.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
I’m so sad that this has ended, I did my best to make it last for as long as possible. It’s my all time favourite shower gel and I’m always gutted with Lush Christmas ends and I have to wait a whole year to buy it again. Thankfully I have a small back up that I’m keeping for emergencies (not sure what a shower gel related emergency is…) but once its Lush Christmas again I’m repurchasing.

Lee Stafford Arganoil Shampoo
I had this kicking around in the bathroom for some while before I got the chance to finish it up as I kept finding other shampoo’s I wanted to use instead. Can’t say I’m a huge lover of this, which is a shame as I love Lee Stafford products, but I just didn’t find it did anything special for my hair. Not sure if I would repurchase this again.

Heat Defense Spray
I don’t have anything special to say about this as I’m using heat defense spray all the time as part of my hair care routine. I probably would repurchase this again as I’m always needing one.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Polish
Another Christmas product I’m sad to have used up, but luckily I have another back up! I love the smell of gingerbread and I’m now a converted fan of The Body Shops Ginger Sparkle range. Really hoping it comes back again this Christmas as I’ll be buying it all again.

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser
This is probably one of my favourite cleansers as it’s absolutely amazing at removing eye makeup without being painful. I also use it if I’m having a bad time with my skin as it’s so simple it doesn’t cause any problems! A certain repurchase once my spending ban is over.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter
Of course I couldn’t like the body polish without the body butter ;). I already repurchased the large version of this before it went off sale so I have more to go through. Again will probably be a repurchase once it comes back on sale this Christmas.

Hopefully March will see me go through more products so I can slowly reduce my stash! Have you used up many products this month?

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #7

I’ve made it to week 7 of my 100 day spending ban! Which is something I didn’t think I’d be saying, to be honest I thought I’d give up on this idea pretty quickly. And as you can see from my previous posts the past few weeks I’ve not felt very positive about the whole experience. But today is my first pay day from my new job! Despite not getting paid for a whole month I still got paid a lot more than I expected, and it’s a large amount of money that my bank account hasn’t seen in a long time!

This now means I can start with my savings! First things first I’m paying back my parents for money I’ve borrowed off them for the last month, and then the rest of the pay is left for my direct debits and myself. Of course I’m putting away a percentage of my pay for my savings, but I’m not focusing on a large amount this month as it’s not the full months pay. Now that I’ll be seeing a regular income into my bank account I’m feeling a bit more positive about my spending ban, knowing that I can put away money without having nothing left in my bank account! Hopefully this will be the start of some good savings!

See how I’m getting on in other weeks –

Apivita Face Scrub With Olive

I mentioned last week my love for a couple of Apivita’s products, and since discovering them a few months back I’ve been trying out a few more products, one of which being the Face Scrub with Olive. I actually got this one in a goody bag at the Secret Santa London Meet Up, but I was excited to try it out. Skin care is a big love of mine at the moment, and I’m always trying out new products to see how they help my skin. One thing that I’m always hearing is how you should use natural products, as they’re not full of anything harmful that could effect your skin. I don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience with this, but from what I’ve found with Apivita’s products is the real difference between using their natural face scrub, and one I could buy on the high-street that’s not made from natural products.

Apivita’s Face Scrub with Olive is a deep cleansing scrub, which helps at removing dead cells and impurities, leaving it looking radiant. I find that this is quite a harsh scrub on my sensitive skin, but I find if I use it gently that it works fine for me without irritating my skin. I really like that it is a ‘harsh’ scrub, as I then feel like it’s working, and after use my skin feels so soft. I’ve noticed my skin is looking a lot better since using this, it’s looking clearer, radiant and feels amazing, probably due to the fact it’s full of natural goodness.

Once again an Apivita product has amazed me. I’ve been using this a few months and already I’m in love and can’t go without this in my skin care routine. I’m eyeing up a couple of the Apivita toners to use next in my skin care routine, as I think their skin care products are worth the money.

Have you tried any Apivita products? What are your favourite?

#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 5 – Glitz & Glam

I can’t believe this week is the last week of the Nail Art Weekly Project! I’ve had so much fun taking part in this and playing around with nail art every week. This weeks theme was Glitz & Glam, using glitter and sparkles for the final week. I’m not usually one for glittery nails, I often find taking them off can be a right pain and this can put me off. But for within this week I decided to give it another go.

I painted my nails with W7’s Purple Paradise, a gorgeous dark purple colour, and then I found in my nail art supplies I had a load of pots full of sequins and glitter and decided to use the star shaped ones and add a bit of glitter on the tips of the nails. I found this quite messy to do, and not something I could quickly do! But I really like the effect of them, and keep finding myself looking at them. I think they’d be great to do for an occasion like a night out or a party, as they’re just that bit sparkly and glam.

Their certainly one of my favourite design’s I’ve done for the Nail Art Weekly Project, and I’ve had great fun taking part of all of the different weeks! Thanks so much to Danni for organising this, I think I’m going to be playing around with nail art a lot more now.

The Sunday Post #8 – Attempting To Get Fit

Over the years I’ve always had one of those resolutions that ‘I will get fit’, and this will usually last for a month or so before I give up on it. This year I’m carrying on with my weightloss journey, and found that even if I do eat well, the results are a lot more effective if I do some exercise. I’ve always been a member of a gym (but if I go is another story…), but this year I’m determined to go regularly and do at least and do at least an hours work out a few times a week. So I made a promise to myself that I would pick up my old faded trainers and get my rather large behind down the gym a few times a week.

Now that I’m working I’m finding it easier to find the motivation to go to the gym, and sometimes even find myself looking forward to it. I find that having my routine and set days that I go to the gym helps to motivate me and keep me on track. Lately I’ve even done something a bit crazy to help keep myself motivated, I hired a personal trainer. A personal trainer is something I’ve never really gave a second thought about, in my gym they all seem to be the large body builder types, and for me that isn’t what I’m looking for. It wasn’t until I was chatting with one who’s around my age, who isn’t the huge body builder type, and knew what he was talking about when it came to weightloss that I decided to give it a go. I had a free taster session a few weeks ago and despite being in pain for days, I’ve agreed to start personal training starting this week! I have no idea what I’m getting myself into but I’m hoping it helps with my motivation and I’ll start to see some fitness results! Hopefully this year is the year I actually stick to it and maybe even start to get fit.

Apivita Body Nourish Range

Apivita is a brand that I’ve not tried a lot of products from but I’m forever hearing good things about. They have a range of skincare, hair products, body products and even an aromatherapy range. I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of samples of their products that I’ve got in goody bags in the past, and I’m always impressed with what I’ve tried. All of their products are made from natural ingredients, and from what I’ve tried, smell amazing.

Their products have been on my wishlist for months but I’ve never got around to trying them out. Then a few months back I was lucky enough to win one of their Twitter competitions to win products from their Body Nourish range. The Body Nourish shower gel and body cream are made from almond and lavender, which is great for hydrating and nourishing the skin as well as being essential to reliving stress and lifting the mood. I really love using these products before bed as the lavender scent really helps me to drift off to sleep. Apivita’s Body Nourish range also excludes synthetic ingredients which may be harmful to your health or the environment. I really love how these products make my skin feel, especially as I suffer with dry skin. I find that they help to bring the moisture back into my skin, and where I have extra dry patches it’s really helped to soothe them and make my skin feel a little calmer.

So far I’m impressed with Apivita’s products, and I really love the fact they’re all made with natural ingredients. I think I’m going to look into a bit more of their skin care for this reason! Have you tried anything from Apivita? What do you think?

Desirable Body

You may have seen lately that I’m on bit of a weightloss mission. After years of being unhappy about how I looked I decided it was time to do something about it, and work towards getting the body I wanted. Of course I’m going about it all the right way, with diet and exercise, but sometimes you just need that extra bit of help. That’s when I then came across the Desirable Body website, who stock fitness gear and supplements.

As I’m trying to lose weight I think I could do with the help of fat burners, which are great for helping to increase fat burning during exercise, as well as increasing your energy and metabolism. On the Desirable Body website they have several different varieties of fat burners, each clearly explaining the benefits of using each type, as well as giving you the option to chose which product type you’re looking for – post workout, meal replacement etc.

The Desirable Body website is very easy to use, and gives you several options for what you’re looking for. You can search by your goal, your activity, and even just browse through the products. Another thing I love about the Desirable Body website is the fact you can shop by lifestyle, and it recommends products to you! I took a look at the healthy living section and I’m pretty impressed by the sound of the Green Tea Weight Loss Tablets, they sound exactly what I’m looking for! They also stock products like meal replacement shakes, and fitness equipment so if you’re not after fat burners there’s plenty of products for you!

If you are new to the world of fitness and fat burners and don’t really know where to start with it all, it can seem a little overwhelming. But Desire Body also has a blog section where you can read through articles related to health, fitness and diet related topics. Very useful if you’re unsure what you’re doing or are in need of some motivation!

I really love the Desirable Body website, especially for how useful and informative it is, as well as providing a large range of products. I’ll certainly be going to Desirable body for help with my weightloss journey.

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #6

So I’m now onto week six of my 100 day spending ban, and I’m now approaching the half way mark. As I mentioned last week I’m feeling a bit deflated with it all. Despite doing fairly well during my spending ban with not buying any beauty products, and getting myself a job, I’ve still not managed to save anything. There is a slight upside though that next week will be my first proper pay day from my new job, meaning that I can put away some of my wages and finally get my savings account started!

Apart from having another week of not saving any money I was fairly sensible this week in working out how much money I needed to save every month. Now that I’m a ‘grown up’ and have a proper job I’m starting to pay all things related to my car – insurance, tax, MOT’s etc. Previously I’ve had help thanks to my parents and my savings account, but now that’s got quite low. So (with help from my mumma) I worked out my yearly spend on my car and what I need to put away each month to save for it so it’s not a huge chunk of my payslip gone!

So although I’m not getting anywhere with my savings I feel like I’m getting somewhere with my thoughts and attitude towards money. Bring on pay day next week so I can make some real savings!

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The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil

In the past few years I’ve become a little obsessed when it comes to oils, using them for my skin, hair, body, and even in my baths. They’re becoming part of my regular beauty routines, and I can’t see myself living without them. One of my favourites is The Body Shop’s Shea Beautifying Oil.

I bought this a while back as bit of an impulse purchase as The Body Shop had a 3 for 2 deal on and I was already buying two other products. With the Beautifying Oils there’s a range of different scents, but as I wasn’t sure what I was going to use this for I went for the Shea version. The Beautifying Oils are a multipurpose dry oil, which can be used for your body, face and hair. I find I use this mostly for my hair as an overnight oil treatment, which has really helped improve the condition of my hair, as well as making it super shiny when I wash it out the next day. I also like using it on my body, as its really nourishing and has been brilliant for my skin over the cold winter months! When it comes to the scent I find it can last quite a while when used on the skin, and works in the same way The Body Shop’s Body Butters do with staying all day. I’ve seen a couple of people complain at the price of this as it’s £9 for 100ml of product, but I’ve found that I’ve been using this for a few months now and I’m only a quarter of a way through the bottle – so great value for your money in my opinion!

I’m glad I got around to trying out one of The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oils, and of course my love of oil products is still going strong!

Bingo-Inspired Nails

Pretty polka dotted nails to echo that retro game

Retro seems to be making a comeback. The Telegraph reports that things that are obsolete like vinyl records, VHS tapes, and black-and-white photography are all finding places in the modern world. It seems, however, that nothing is being revived quite as fast as retro fashion is.

It all started with Zooey Deschanel and the “1960s haircut” that she’s become quite known for (she recently brushed her bangs off her face, and nobody could even recognize her). She sparked a retro fashion craze that’s still being seen in various Lookbooks and Pinterest boards.

If you’re not up for wearing a 1960s haircut, false eyelashes, and mismatched patterns, you can look into one of the world’s oldest games for some inspiration. Bingo saw a huge boom in popularity in the 50s and 60s, and it has endured until today. One might even say that bingo is more popular now than ever before, thanks to the internet and television, the game has been able to catch the public’s eye. Last year, in an effort to promote the company’s new line of nail wraps, FoxyBingo on Twitter announced that it would be bringing the Mani-cam to the Allstarz Summer Party. Bingo operators are also airing TV and radio ads, drawing millions of players to their online sites.

The game itself, however, has remained largely unchanged. It’s still the game of numbers that many of us will remember, and it’s quite easy to take inspiration from the patterns predominantly found in the game. Circles and grids are a great way to go here, and while this pattern is great for beginners, it also offers a great deal of customization for experienced nail artists. Pick a neutral base color and put on the base coat. You can then proceed to use your nail art pens to dot some of your nails, and create little grid patterns on the others.

Bluebird Tea Co Chocolate Tea Lovers Box

Anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with tea. I can’t go a day without drinking about 4 cups of the stuff. So when Bluebird Tea Co contacted me asking me to review their Chocolate Tea Lovers Box of course I jumped at the chance! I really love making loose leaf tea before I go to bed, and I’ve never tried chocolate tea, so I was pretty excited to try this out! What I really loved about my package turning up is how cutely it was packaged, with all the teas coming with instructions in a box with a handwritten note – it really is the little things!

The Chocolate Lovers Tea Box is made up of five different flavours of tea – Love Potion, Dark Choc Chilli Chai, Mint Choc Rooibos, Terry’s Tea, and Enchanted Narnia. All the tea’s I was sent you can drink with or without milk, but personally I prefer to have them without milk. With all of them sounding amazing I had no idea where to start!

Love Potion
This one is made up with strawberries, chocolate, rose, and candy love hearts – making it one of the prettiest teas! I found this one to be one of the more fruitier tastes, especially with the strawberry and rose included.
Dark Choc Chilli Chai
This one was probably the one I was least excited about as I don’t really like chilli, but weirdly this has become my favourite! I really like the combination of sweet chocolate and hot chilli, it’s definitely a more interesting combination of tea.
Mint Choc Rooibos
This was the first tea I tried out, as I’m bit of an addict for all things mint chocolate flavour. I really like to have this one in the evenings, especially after my dinner, as it feels like I’m having an After Eight mint.

Terry’s Tea
This one is just to die for. If you’re a big fan of Terry’s Chocolate Orange then you’ll love this! It tastes exactly like you’re eating a huge chocolate orange, just without the calories.
Enchanted Narnia 

This one is probably my least favourite, it tastes like Turkish Delight, which isn’t something I’m keen on. Despite that it’s a beautiful floral tea with fragrant rose, and is also another ‘pretty tea’.

I really love the idea of this Tea Lovers box, especially as you get all this for £15 when one bag is around £4.95 – so you’re getting value for your money and a chance to try a few different teas! I certainly wouldn’t have picked out any of these for myself, so I’m glad I got the chance to try out a few things that were out of my comfort zone. Bluebird Tea Co have several amazing flavours available, I’m already eyeing up Strawberry Lemonade and Apple Strudel. I also like that there’s the option if you’re not sure on what flavours you want to try that you can pick the ‘Pick n Mix’ option for five different teas. It’s safe to say that I’m in love with Bluebird Tea Co, and I’ll certainly be a customer there for a long time!

#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 4 – The Month You Were Born In

We’re now on week 4 of Danni’s Nail Art Weekly Project (how quick is this going!) and this weeks theme is the month you were born in. My birthday is in May so I decided to play around with a floral spring theme.
I’ve never tried to do anything like this but I was surprised at how easy these were to do. I started off with Barry M’s Blueberry as the base colour, and then used my nail art pens in two different shades of pink and a green to draw on the flowers. I’m a lover of all things floral and Cath Kidston-y so I really quite love how these turned out. My flowers aren’t exactly perfect, but I think you can get the idea of how they are meant to be. These nails have actually got me excited for spring time, especially with how the weather has been lately! Bring on the sunshine. I think so far these are my favourite nails I’ve done, mostly because I love floral themes! This is one I’ll certainly be playing around with again.

The Sunday Post #7 – Sample Sunday

Over the years I’ve found I’ve accumulated a whole pile of samples. Some are from past beauty boxes, some are from events, and some just seem to turn up from no where. I’m always excited to get a good sample, but often they just end up in my ‘sample box’ and I forget all about them. Lately I rediscovered my sample box when I was trying to find something else and decided to take a look through.

I found I had so many unused samples of things I completely forgot about. They range from face masks, to shampoos, perfumes, foundation samples, and even some gold under-eye masks. So this Sunday I decided to dedicate to going through my sample box, and have bit of a pamper session with them. I started with using a shampoo sample and then putting a hair treatment sample on and leaving it in, and while that’s on I used one of my facemask samples. I also found I had a couple of moisturiser samples that came in handy, and tomorrow I’ll be trying out one of my foundation samples. I even popped one of my perfume samples in my handbag to take to work with me for a few weeks. I feel a bit better now I’m starting to use up some of my sample stash, and I might even make this a regular Sunday thing. That way I can keep on top of my samples, and will even know what I have!

Do you have bit of a sample stash? How do you use them all up?

Bad Valentines Date’s

So today is Valentines Day, or as others like to call it, Single Awareness day. Although I’ve spent the past couple of years in a relationship on Valentines Day, me and my partner have never made a big deal out of it. I’ve never been one for flowers, chocolates and all things heart shaped on V day, but I have had a few bad dates on the day in the past.

Once upon a time I had a first date with a guy I met in a local night club. The night I met him we seemed to get on great, and he was a laugh. So naturally I expected that our date would be fun, full of laughs and we’d have a good time, but no. He spent the majority of the date sat in silence, and gave me two word answers to any conversation I tried to start. He then awkwardly asked me if I wanted to see him again, uh no? Then there was the date where he came on overly strong, bringing me flowers to the date, and then talking about taking me to London for our next date and meeting his mum, and then sending me almost hourly texts after to ask me how my day was going, calm down.

Of course I’m not the only person who’s suffered with a case of bad dates, and I’ve found a lot of people share them with the internet. One of my favourite places to read up on bad dates is over at Awful Bad Dates, who writes frequent short updates on awful dates that are constantly making me chuckle. I also love playing around with apps or websites that can speculate how your dates will go, and Ladbrokes Bingo has created a Valentine’s app to help you avoid a terrible date. Although it does say that my own boyfriend is an awful match for me..

So whether you’ve got Valentines Day plans or not hope you have a good day! And if you have any stories about bad dates please share ;).

Valentines Day Makeup

I’ve never really been one for Valentines Day, and I never really have big plans for it. But the weather is starting to lighten up, and so is my makeup. Despite no big Valentines Day plans this year I’ve come up with a makeup look to mark the occasion.

To start with I’m using my Bourjois Happy Light Serum Primer, which gives my a nice base to start on, and helps to make my skin a bit dewy looking. Then I use The Body Shop Cool Vitamin E BB Cream which creates a nice natural base, and also helps to make my skin look natural. I then use my favourite Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealor to cover up the dark circles under my eyes and any blemishes I have. I then set my foundation with the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder, which is great for keeping my foundation in place all day. Then as usual I fill my eyebrows in using the shade Faint from my Naked Basics Palette, and then use my Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara. Then I use my Body Shop Shimmer Waves*, which I think is great for this time of year as not only does it give a bit of colour in my cheeks, but its great to create a shimmering highlight. I’m really loving makeup from The Body Shop at the moment, and they also have a great range of gift ideas from The Body Shop too. I then finish off my Valentines Day look with my favourite lipstick from Soap & Glory, Pink Blush, which is a gorgeous matte soft pink colour.

I think this is a great look whether you have a big date planned, a night in with your partner, or just an everyday look for this time of year.

Bonmarche David Emanuel Pleated Black Scarf Blouse

Bonmarche is a brand that I always thought stocked ‘old lady’ type clothes, and never really appealed to me. I’d often see them on the high street and wouldn’t give them two glances. Recently I was contacted by Bonmarche to take a look at their new range, and I was actually pleasantly surprised at some of their clothes. I decided to try their David Emanuel Pleated Black Scarf Blouse. 

This blouse originally caught my eye because of the scarf detail, it’s not something you see on your typical blouse. I really love the floral print on the scarf, which is something I would normally pick out myself, and with the pendant detail it makes the scarf feel a bit more accessorized.

Another feature of the blouse that makes it seem a little more different is the pleated back, which makes it seem a little more interesting than your usual work shirt.

I’m really quite in love with this blouse, and find it great for work if you want something a bit more fashionable than your usual work wear. I also think it’s fairly versatile, and you can style it several ways with or without the scarf. I’m glad Bonmarche have proved me wrong, and I’m already looking up a few more of their new range.

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #5

So I’m now 35 days into my 100 day spending ban challenge, how am I getting on? To be honest not brilliant. As you might have read from other weeks I’ve failed a few times, and I’ve not really got any savings together. Although I’ve had another good week when it comes to not spending money, I don’t feel like I’m doing very successfully with saving money. Recently I’ve just started a new job, which is great when it comes to having money as I’ll finally be able to making some savings now I’m earning a reliable wage. But I’m currently spending money I don’t have, and borrowing money off my parents so that I can get to work. Because of this I’m feeling a bit guilty when it comes to money and my lack of savings.

Apart from this I’m starting to change my attitude when it comes to buying beauty products. Apart from the one slip up on my spending ban challenge, I’ve not bought any beauty products so far. I’m finding that when I’m running out of products I’m looking through my beauty stash to see if I have another before I think about buying one, and it turns out I almost always have another product available. I think I’m finally starting to cure my beauty product addiction at least.

Although I’m feeling a bit deflated with my spending ban so far I am glad I’m not buying any products at the moment. Hopefully once I get paid I’ll start to feel a bit better about contributing towards my savings.

See how I got on with other weeks –

Naked Basics Palette

The Urban Decay original Naked Palette is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes, and probably my most used. So when a miniature version of it came out I knew I had to have it. I ummed and ahhed about buying this and in the end two of my lovely friends bought me this for my birthday last year.

From left to right – Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint, Crave
Of course as a lover of neutral eyeshadows this is now one of my favourite palettes. I find I use the colours are all wearable for everyday use, but some of the lighter shades don’t show up so well with my skin tone as you can see from the swatches. I actually use the shade Faint the most, as I colour my eyebrows in with that everyday. My favourite combination is to use Naked 2 for an all over colour and then Faint in my crease for an everyday smokey eye look. I often use Crave as a liner on my waterline as well, and find it keeps my eyeliner in place all day. This is now my most reached for eyeshadow palette, and I think I might even love it more than the original palette…

Are you an Urban Decay Naked Palette fan? Or like me do you think you prefer the Naked Basics?

Oasis Dental Care’s 30 Day Coffee Challenge

A while ago I decided to take part in Oasis Dental Care’s 30 day coffee challenge, where for 30 days I stop drinking coffee to discover the effects and benefits of abstaining from coffee. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I’m obsessive with my teeth. I’ve had three different sets of braces, had my bottom jaw brought forward and my top jaw widened, and had my wisdom teeth removed. I’m also rather OCD when it comes to brushing my teeth, brushing them several times a day, I even used to carry around a spare tooth brush with me.

Despite taking a lot of care over my teeth I still drink several cups of tea and coffee, which is awful for staining your teeth. Pigments from dark-coloured drinks can become lodged in the microscopic ridges of tooth enamel, over time forming permanent, yellowish stains. Coffee is also acidic, and can erode the white layer of enamel to expose the yellow dentin beneath.

So Oasis Dental Care have challenged me to give up coffee for 30 days as well as providing me with toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, gum and whitening strips to see how this can improve the whiteness of my teeth. I’m excited to see how this will improve my teeth over the next 30 days, especially as having a nice white smile is something I’m after! I’ll write an update after the 30 days to show you how I’ve got on. Now to try and live without coffee…

#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 3 – Valentines Day

It’s now week three of Danni’s Nail Art Weekly Project and this weeks theme is Valentines Day. I’ve never really been big on Valentines Day so I wasn’t too sure what to do for Valentines Day inspired nails. I didn’t want to do something obvious like a heart print so I decided to experiment with pastel shades.

I started with using Ciate’s Bon Bon, which is one of my favourite shades for the spring months as it’s such a dusky pale pink shade. I then wasn’t too sure what to do with the nail art design so I went for something fairly simple and used my nail art pens to make little white and pink dots down one side of the nail. Its a fairly simple design but I think because of the pale pink shades it’s sort of a romantic kind of look. In terms of nail art it’s not the most complicated of designs, and I still think last weeks was my favourite I’ve done so far! Maybe I’ll try something a bit more complicated for next week!

The Sunday Post #6 – The Chilled Out Weekend

This Sunday marks the end of my first week of working full time in over a year. As I’ve not had a job for sometime now this week has taken a toll on me and I’m feeling pretty tired now come the end of the week. Some I decided that I’d keep this weekend as bit of a quiet one, I had a few plans and jobs to do on the Saturday, but this Sunday is dedicated to drinking several mugs of green tea, and taking a few hours to read through some of my favourite reads, one of which is Allure magazine.

I discovered Allure magazine after I heard Vivianna Does Makeup frequently talking about it. I could never find a paper version of it but I found on my iPad I could subscribe a newsstand version of it. I think I even prefer having a digital version of it, especially as I can keep all my copies of it to refer back to without them taking up any space. I really love reading Allure magazine, mainly for it being a whole magazine dedicated to beauty products, but also because it’s American and there’s often products spoken about that we don’t have here in the UK.

It’s definitely nice to have a whole day dedicated to doing nothing and chilling out. But now I’m finding I have a whole load of beauty products I now want to try out…

Clinique Even Better Foundation

Clinique is a brand I’ve been aware of for as long as I can remember. It’s the one and only brand of makeup and skincare my mum uses (she’s not quite a beauty addict like me), and some I’ve grown up seeing the Clinique brand. Despite growing up with it there wasn’t many products I’d used, and I tended to stick to their skincare products. It wasn’t until I was at a Clinique counter one day that I decided it was time to take a look at their makeup options, and decided I really wanted to look into their foundations.

When it comes to foundations Clinique has quite a range of different ones for different skin problems. I wasn’t too sure which one I wanted, and even found the choice a little overwhelming, but the lady on the counter talked me through them all, and as I decided I just wanted a natural everyday foundation that made my skin look better, she pointed me in the direction of Clinique’s Even Better Foundation. She then colour matched me for the shade Cream Rose, which is one of the fairly lighter shades with a bit more of a pink undertone. Even Better foundation is a fairly lightweight foundation which provides me with the right amount of coverage I’m after. Without being too obvious, my skin looks even better when wearing this foundation. I find it stays put all day, and just looks like I’m not wearing foundation and my skin care routine is paying off ;). Since purchasing I’ve tried a few other foundations but keep finding myself coming back to this one, I think it’s going to be one I just can’t live without.

I’m glad I finally branched out and tried a Clinique product other than their skincare as I’m seriously impressed. I’m already eyeing up a couple of their blushers and the very much raved about chubby sticks… I see this becoming an expensive addiction.

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #4

I’m now a whole 28 days into my spending ban! Only 72 more days to go, but hey who’s counting? This week was another one of those ‘fail weeks’, once again I found I saved no money towards my savings this week, and I spent some money. I started my job on Monday, and never having had a professional job before I don’t have a lot of ‘smart work type’ clothes. So on Friday I went into Primark to buy a few basic things to wear… and found myself coming out having spent £50, oops. I feel like I should be defending this spending, but it was still technically breaking my spending ban.

This week I also downloaded an app to my iPad to try and keep track of my spending. I put in everything that had come into and out of my account in January and was actually pretty shocked at how much I would spend for someone who didn’t have a job at the time. It’s definitely made me reevaluate what I spend my money on, especially as I spent a lot of money in Tesco’s buying crap it seems… Hopefully I’ll have a much better week this week and will start to actually make some savings!

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Ojon Rare Blend Oil

The Ojon Rare Blend Oil is something I’ve heard about in the blogosphere for the longest time. It’s been on my wishlist for well over a year now but even though I’m a self confessed hair oil lover, I just couldn’t see myself parting with £30 for one. It wasn’t until my boyfriend’s parents gave me a £20 Boots voucher for Christmas that I decided it was time to give the Ojon Rare Blend Oil a test to see if the high end price tag is better than my high street favourites.

I’ve never used anything from Ojon before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with their products. A couple of my friends have used Ojon before and have raved about their products so I was excited to try it out. There’s actually three types of rare blend oil; Total Hair Therapy, Moisture Therapy, and Rejuvenating Therapy. As my hair is crazy dry and damaged lately I decided to go for the Total Hair Therapy one, and this happens to be the one I hear raved about. The idea behind this is that you shake this bottle up to blend the three colours together (which is great fun!) to create a sort of super oil to help your hair. A drop of this is meant to help nourish, and make your hair feel healthier and glossier.

When I first started using this I found I was using far too much and found it was making my hair go a bit greasy, but I found when I use the tinniest amount it makes my hair feel super healthy and shiny. When it comes down to ‘repairing’ my hair I’m not to sure how that’s working, as I’ve only used this for three or four weeks now. I do think after a few months use it will work some magic on my damaged hair, especially as it’s feeling great after just a few weeks. I’m glad I finally got around to trying out the Ojon Rare Blend Oil, because I really do think it’s worth the expensive price tag! Once again high end you’re proving to be better than some of my high street favourites!

Atelier Salon and Spa Beauty Spot Blogger Event

Usually when I attend blogger events they’re based in London, so I was pretty excited when I was invited to an event last week that was pretty local to me. The lovely people over at Atelier Salon and Spa invited me and a few other local bloggers over for an evening of pampering and to take a look at their range of products and services.  Atelier is based in Redbourne, about 30 mins away from me, but I’d never visited before so wasn’t sure what it was like. So when I arrived I was surprised that it was based in this gorgeous old building, and all the rooms were filled with gorgeous little details – making me love the place already!

I arrived with my usual event sidekick Bex, and another great blogging buddy Louise, and then we met up with SarahHannah andEmily. We were then all given these peach bellini type drinks in cute little jars, and some delicious canapes. Then we were shown around the salon, where we then all split off into different rooms to look at the different treatments.

Bex, Louise and I started off with skincare, where we all had our skin analysed and were recommended products that would help our skincare problems from Pinks Boutique, a brand I’ve not heard from before but they all smelt amazing! Then we moved on to another room where Sarah, Hannah and Emily were getting their nails done, and we all got a hand massage. I then had a look downstairs where I then got my hair done in an up do, which is something I don’t usually have so it was nice to get the chance to try something different!

We then met up with the rest of the girls and had bit of a natter before we went off. It was great fun to spend an evening with some local bloggers, and have an evening of pampering. It’s great to see what a local salon is offering, and I’m even tempted to take another visit myself!

Thanks so much to everyone at Atelier Salon for having us, and to Alastair from Pickle PR for the invite!

#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 2 – TV or Film

I’m now on week 2 of Danni’s Nail Art Weekly Project, and this week the theme is TV or Film. I found this weeks nail art a bit tricky out of all of them as for ages I couldn’t think of what to do. I went through all of my favourite films and TV shows trying to think of a design to do, but most of what I could come up with was over complicated. I then decided on the film Up.

For the blue colour I used Barry M’s Blueberry, and then used my nail art pens to do the clouds and balloons. I decided to keep the design fairly simple and didn’t attempt to do the house or anything, but I think for the balloons and clouds you can see what it was meant to be. I’m not too happy with how my balloons turned out, I think I should have used a bit more colour on those nails. Over all I had good fun with this design, and even got loads of compliments about it! I certainly think it’s an improvement on last weeks nails

First Day Of Work Makeup

Today is the day that I start in the adult world of working! Now begins the days of early mornings, commuting and long days. Very similar to my Job Interview Makeup I want to make sure that my everyday makeup isn’t too over the top, but will last all day.

I decided to start with one of my favourite foundations, Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation. It’s really lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin (hence the name skin), but I find it gives me the right coverage I’m after and stays on all day without the need for a primer. Then carrying on the Bobbi Brown theme I’m using my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. I’ve found this to be a fairly strong concealer, which is great for covering up my dark circles and blemishes. To then set my foundation I use my Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder, which is great at keeping my makeup in place all day. Then i’ll be using my Naked Basic’s Palette to fill in my eyebrows, and I’ll also use a couple of the lighter shades for an everyday smokey eye look. Then I’ll be using my Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara, and my Bare Minerals blusher in shade The Tease, which gives me a slight pink glow on my cheeks. I then finish it off with my Seventeen Lipstick in shade Beehive which is just a gorgeous nudey shade giving the impression of ‘my lips but better’.

A very simple everyday look for work which isn’t too over the top, but should stay put all day. I think I’ll be using this combination for a while at work, until I know whether I can get away with a bit more colour with my lipstick etc. Do you find you have an ‘everyday work makeup’ look you go for?

The Sunday Post #5 – The Good Nights Sleep

Sleep is something that I’ve always struggled with. I usually struggle to fall asleep before 2am, and find myself tossing and turning all night before waking up in the morning still feeling as tired as I did when I went to bed. I’ve learnt a few tricks over the years that have helped me drift off into a much deeper sleep, which this Sunday night is something I need more than any other week, as tomorrow morning I start my new job!

Not being a morning person I’m fully prepared to wake up in the morning feeling a bit rubbish and wanting to roll over for ‘another five minutes’ snooze. To ensure I wake up feeling rested tomorrow morning I plan on taking a nice long bath to relax, followed by an early night. One of my favourite ways to relax in an evening is to light some of my favourite candles, and get into bed with a nice cup of tea and a book. I find if I ‘switch off from technology’ of an evening I find I get a better nights sleep. Although using my Kindle is still technically technology, I’m not staying up all night watching TV series on Netflix. I also like to spray my pillows and bedding with The Body Shop’s Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist helps to me to relax and calm down, as well as using Avon’s Sleeptherapy balm and This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less on my wrists and pressure points. All these techniques then help me to become more sleepy and relaxed, making it easier for me to drift off with a good nights sleep.

So tonight I’ll be getting into bed early, turning off my technology, and reading a good book ready to start my new job bright and early tomorrow morning!

Panache Lingerie

I’m slightly ‘gifted’ in the chest area, which can sometimes be a problem when it comes to finding the right sized bra. A lot of the time I don’t have a great deal of choice when it comes to colours or patterns, and I’m usually torn between the decision to choose black or white. So when I was contacted to try out one of Panache’s collections I jumped at the chance.

Panache is a lingerie brand that focuses on D+ sizes. All their lingerie is designed to perfectly fit with their bras going up to a K cup, with some beautiful designs. When it came to choosing an underwear set there was one that caught my eye straight away, the Lily Parrot Print. Being bit of a bird lover and having a parrot myself  felt that this was quite appropriate for me! The Lily Parrot Print is one of the collections from Panache’s winter collections. Not only was the Lily Parrot Print a gorgeous design, but it fit perfectly and was very comfortable to wear, which I often find some bras in my size aren’t.

Panache has some really great collections available, a lot of them would make great gifts from your partners or family members. I particularly like the idea of receiving underwear as a gift at Christmas, especially as some of the sets are just gorgeous! Or maybe if you don’t receive underwear as a gift you could just treat yourself to one of their sets. I’m already finding myself eyeing up a couple more of their collections…

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week 3


I’m now three whole weeks into my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge, which is a lot longer than I thought I would actually get to. Last week I blogged about how I broke my ban and found myself buying a few things. This week I managed to stick to plan, but I did have a more expensive week than usual. On Friday it was my partners birthday, which involved me driving up to Leicester to spend the weekend with him, and I took him out for birthday breakfast, and we went for dinner with some friends. So although I didn’t buy anything this week I did spend more money than I thought I would.

I also didn’t manage to save up any money this week for reasons I said earlier. However I do have a bit of good news this week when it comes to money, I finally got myself a job! Which means when it comes to creating some savings things will get a little easier now I’ll have an actual salary! So although this wasn’t a great week again, there is some good news. Hopefully over the next week I’ll start saving some money again.

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#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 1 – An Item Of Clothing

A while a go Danni posted on her blog about the chance to join in with her Nail Art Weekly Project and of course I jumped at the chance to join in. I love playing with nail varnish, and although I’m not that great with nail art, I thought it would be a fun weekly project to get involved with! She gave us a weekly theme to interpret anyway we liked and a chance to get creative with our nail art. For week one we were given the theme of ‘an item of clothing’ be it one of our own items, or another we’ve seen elsewhere. I decided to try and create a nail art look based on my favourite dress, a simple black dress with white birds over it.

I thought this would be a fairly simple nail art design to do, after all it was just a black base colour, with white bird shapes on. I’ve never tried to attempt to do bird shapes with my nail art pens but decided to give it ago. Not being the most artistic of people my ‘bird shapes’ look slightly more like crosses… oops. Certainly not my best pieces of nail art but it was still fun to give it a go anyway! Hopefully next weeks will be a better turn out for me.

If you want to see everyone else who’s taking part in #NailArtWeeklyProject then you can see the list here.

The Sunday Post #4 – Wardrobe Organisation

If you’ve read up on my Weightloss Journey or follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I’m currently on a mission to lose weight.  I’ve now lost a stone and a half which means some of my clothes are starting to feel too big, and I can now fit into old clothes that I haven’t worn for sometime. So this week I decided it was about time I had a good old wardrobe organisation and worked out what clothes fit me, what clothes didn’t, and have a general organisation.

A few weeks ago I kick started my organisation process with sorting out my drawer for all my beauty products, and thought I may as well start as I mean to go on and tackle my wardrobe. I have a large built in wardrobe that’s made up of three parts which I originally organised back in October when I redecorated. But being bit of a hoarder and a generally unorganised person, I found that I was messing up the original order, and was stashing away boxes of rubbish for no reason. I decided to take everything out of my wardrobe and start it all over again. I thought the best way to organise my wardrobe would be to have different sections, one for dresses, one for skirts, one for shirts etc. Once I’d gone through these I decided to get rid of the things that were obviously to big for me, put away into a separate box clothes that were still too small but I wanted to wear one day when I lose more weight, and put things into a charity pile that I just never wore or didn’t want.

A few hours and bin bags later I found I had a completely organised wardrobe of clothes I will actually wear, displayed in a way I can actually see everything. I felt a lot better for de-cluttering and getting rid of things I didn’t need, and overall felt a lot more organised with my wardrobe. Like my beauty products it’s now a lot easier to find clothes I’m looking for, especially with them all organised into sections. Now just to keep it this way…

Best Of 2013 Bloggers

I’ve been talking a lot on the blog recently about my Best Of 2013 Products – HairSkincareBody, and Makeup. But I thought it was time I spoke about my favourite bloggers of 2013.
This is a blog I’ve read since I started blogging and a lovely girl to chat to! Danielle always manages to make the most amazing outfit posts out of clothes I wouldn’t dream of wearing, and can do some pretty amazing nail art. She also has some fab beauty reviews up, and can give great advice on Lush products.
I’ve been lucky enough to meet this fabulous lady a few times and it’s really nice to put a face to the blog. With daily reviews there’s always something new to read up on, and she always makes my day by commenting on my blog!
Another wonderful lady I’ve had the chance to meet up with. Helen is constantly making me laugh on Twitter, and writes some fabulous reviews up on her blog. But often her reviews make me want to part with money I don’t have..
Of course Bex’s blog is one of my favourites. She posts about pretty much anything, book reviews, beauty reviews, fashion posts, and parenting posts. Bex has also become one of my best friends as she only lives 30 minutes away so I can spend a lot of time with her talking away about makeup.
Sophia is another beautiful lady I’ve had the chance of meeting a few times, and is also my Weight Watchers support if I ever need help to stay on track. Her blog is pretty amazing and contains thousands of reviews and tips. And if you ever want to find out about skincare products this is the blog to go to.
This is one of the blogs I discovered in 2013, and once I found it I just couldn’t stop reading! Danni posts some brilliant beauty reviews, but my favourite are her NOTD posts. She comes up with some great ideas for her nails, and I’m excited to start a collaboration with her soon!
Helen is another brilliant blogger I’ve had the chance to meet a few times. She knows her beauty stuff as she’s worked in the industry before, and does some amazing NOTD posts! She’s also just become a yummy mummy to a gorgeous little girl!
Ella is one hilarious lady who’s tweets often have me in stitches. Her blog is a mix of lifestyle posts, reviews and tips. I think she comes up with some brilliant blog post ideas, and her latest blogging tips have come in very useful! She also has the most beautiful collection of wigs and lipsticks that make me very jealous.
This girl is another lovely blogger that I ‘met when I started blogging nearly three years ago and still find myself talking to most days. Her blog is a mix of beauty reviews, lifestyle posts and even the odd fashion post. Jess is also on her own weightloss journey so often shares her support with that. She’s generally a lovely person to chat to.
Shona is also one of the lovely bloggers I’ve had the chance to meet and has become one of my greatest friends. Her blog is great for beauty reviews and fashion posts. She’s also shared a post about her brave journey with Scoliosis here and you can really see what a brave person she is.
Another amazing girl I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Clare is definitely the girl to go to if you want any advice about lipstick, especially MAC. Her blog is great for lifestyle posts, beauty reviews and she also has a YouTube channel. She’s also a great person to chat to on Twitter, and knows her stuff about makeup if you ever have a question.
So I think that nicely rounds up my Best Of 2013 series, are any of these bloggers your favourites?

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #2

I’m now 14 days into my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge, so how am I getting on? Well this week I may have slipped up a bit.. After deciding that my hair looks a little worse for wear at the moment I decided to give in and buy a couple of things. I then found myself in Tesco’s where they had an offer on Aussie for 3 items for £10, and decided to pick up the Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle. I also found myself adding the Korres Nourishing Hair Mask to an ASOS order of the boyfriend’s birthday presents, making a total of £20 spent on beauty products this week. Were these products needed? Probably not, especially as I have a bathroom full of hair products… Oops.

Apart from my slight slip up this week I’m still on a mission to create some savings. Last week I spoke about how I saved £10 towards my savings goal, and this week I’ve added to it. My friend Simone commented on my last post how she puts ‘odd’ amounts into her savings account – for example if she has £123.47 in her bank account she puts the £3.47 into her savings. I thought this was a great idea that will help to build up my savings account so I’ve started sticking to this rule, making my savings account now at £12.56! I know this still isn’t a great deal of savings, and it probably could have been more if I didn’t spend that £20 this week on beauty products, but hopefully this will soon build up.

I’m hoping I’ve got my ‘need to spend’ out of my system this week and I’ll be back on track with my saving in the upcoming week! Do you have any other saving tips that you stick to?

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Job Interview Makeup

I’m a recent graduate. Not only does this mean that I’m currently unemployed with an unhealthy obsession with Loose Women and Storage Hunters (brilliant shows FYI), but it means I’m on the hunt for a full time job. Being six months post graduation I’m getting job interviews down to a fine art now. As it’s always important to look presentable at interviews I’ve found myself wearing the same makeup for each interview. Nothing to over the top or dark, but simple everyday make up.

I like to start off with a good primer as some of my interviews take over an hour to get to if they’re in London, so this ensures that my makeup will stay in place all day. My current primer of choice is Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer, which also gives your skin a nice glowy radiant look. Then I use my Clinique Even Better foundation to create my base, and my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealor to hide any blemishes or dark circles. To set my foundation I then use a powder, and my current one of choice is Seventeen’s Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. Then to fill in my eyebrows I use Faint from my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, and use my Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara. To put a bit of colour on my face I use Bourjois Cream Bulush in shade Rose Tender, which just adds a subtle pop of colour on the cheeks. I then finish off with Benefit’s High Beam highlighter on the brow bone and on the tops of my cheeks, and use my MAC Fanfare lipstick, which just gives off a ‘my lips but better’ kind of colour.

So that’s my simple basic makeup that’s suitable to wear to job interviews, and isn’t too over the top or in your face. Now just to ace these interviews..

The Sunday Post #3 – The Five Year Journal

Every year I usually buy myself a new diary for the upcoming year. Usually one with a space to write on each day with things I’m up to, upcoming birthdays and other important dates. This year I decided to be a bit different and instead of just buying a years dairy, I would buy myself a five year journal. I’ve heard a bit about these before, and if you look on Amazon you can find a variety of different ones. But I decided to go with this one where you would write a line a day for five years.

I’m really enjoying spending every evening before I go to bed filling this in with my favourite things that have happened that day. I didn’t order this until a week into the new year, so I had to go back a bit to fill in the first few days of the book, but since then I’ve been filling it in every night. It doesn’t feel like much at the moment, especially as some days I haven’t done a lot, but I try to think forward to five years time when I’ll be looking back on this and can read through things that maybe were important or made me smile. I think this book is a great idea, and would also make a great gift for someone! I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen over the next five years.

Best Of 2013 Makeup

Lately on the blog I’ve been sharing with you my Best of 2013 series including Hair Products, Skin Care, and Body Products. Today I’m sharing with you what my favourite makeup products were in 2013. Being bit of a makeup addict I really thought this would be the longest post of them all, but it looks like skin care products won that one…

Clinique Even Better Foundation
I bought this foundation back in April and immediately fell in love with it. The clue is in the name, but this foundation really makes my skin look even better. I find it has a great coverage, but doesn’t feel too heavy. This is a fairly firm favourite for me, and one foundation that I think I’ll always repurchase.
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
This foundation was recommended to me by my friend Simone the last time I went up north. She’s a big fan of Bobbi Brown and I’d never tried it before and decided to get colour matched when we were there. This is a fairly light foundation when it comes to coverage, hence the name ‘skin’, but I find I’m comfortable enough with my skin to wear it. This is becoming another firm favourite within my makeup collection.
Benefit The Porefessional
This is probably one of the most raved about primers in the beauty world, and it’s certainly won me over. Although I’ve only ever had sample sizes of this product I’ve found myself wearing this most of the time. I’ll certainly be buying the full sized version of this when my spending ban is over. 
Bourjois Java Rice Powder
This is something I won in the Bourjois A-Z of Beauty Giveaway and was probably one of the products I was most excited to try out. Its fabulous at giving a luminous complexion and gives you a great youthful glow. 
Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara 
I got this mascara in the second BBB Edit Box and immediately fell in love with it. It’s great at creating volume and length, which is something I look for when it comes to mascara.
Benefit They’re Real Mascara – Review
Another Benefit favourite. It creates long dramatic lashes. Only problem with it is it can be a right pain to take off!
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette 
Two of my friends actually bought me this for my birthday last year after they heard me gushing about how much I loved the look of it. I actually use the shade Faint daily to fill in my eyebrows, and I use the rest of the palette pretty much every time I wear eyeshadow.
Bourjois Cream Blush in shade Rose Tender
This is another one of my Bourjois winnings that I immediately fell in love with. Usually I’m put off with pink shades but I found that this is such a soft colour and when blended in it suits my pale skin tone. I also really love the cream blush formula, which is something I’ve not usually got on with in the past! 
MAC Hello Kitty Blusher in shade Fun and Games
This has probably been the only blusher I’ve used for the past couple of years until recently. It’s a gorgeous peachy shade, I’ve been wearing it non stop and it’s only just hit pan.
Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in shade Plum Russian
I really love lip crayons this year, which I think is the influence of Shona, but this one has been a favourite. It’s a gorgeous deep red shade, and it helps to stain your lips meaning it can stay on for ages. Which is a plus for me as I’m always forgetting to reapply my lipstick!
Rimmel London Apocalips in shade Celestial
I was really late on the Apocalips bandwagon this year but once I tried this one I was hooked. I really love how easy it is to apply with the heart shaped wand, and the liquid formula. 
Soap & Glory Lipstick in shade Pink Blush 
This year Bex introduced me to Soap & Glory’s lipsticks, but it was this one that won my heart. It’s a matte shade which is different from what I usually go for but I’m really in love with the colour. 
Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade Vintage Pink – Review
This is an old favourite that I’d actually forgotten about until a few months back. But once I started wearing it again I fell in love with it all over again. I really love the lavender undertone to this, and it makes it different compared to my other lipsticks. 
Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in shade Rouge Making Of – Review
I don’t usually go for red lips but when I do it was either this shade or one other that took my fancy. I’m actually really impressed with the pigmentation of this in comparison to the Revlon lip butters which I don’t think are brilliant. 
17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in shade Mulled Wine
This is the other lipstick that I pick out for when I fancy a red lip. I love the formula of this one, and especially how it helps to stain your lips, making your application stay on for longer.
MAC Lipstick in shade Creme Cup – Review
This was my very first MAC lipstick a few years ago and my love for it is still going strong. I adore the colour and the cremesheen formula, and this is certainly one I will repurchase over and over again.
MAC Lipstick in shade Fanfare 
This is more of a recent love, but it was still a favourite in 2013 non the less. It’s a very similar shade to Creme Cup and one that I’ve found I can’t stop wearing since I bought it.

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #1


Last week I blogged about the start of my 100 Day Spending Ban Challenge and now I’m a whole 7 days into the process. I feel like I’ve had a fairly successful week, as I haven’t had many temptations to cause me to spend money. I have however spent a little, but only on a few necessities. This week my parents have flown away to Hong Kong leaving little old me here alone to fend for myself. Because I’ve been alone I decided to treat myself to a Chinese takeaway with my friends on Saturday night, and bought myself a couple of other bits of food and wine. Overall I probably spent about £20, which in comparison to what I would usually spend in a week is fairly good. And I found that when I went on a trip to Tesco I managed to resist picking up any magazines, which was a first for me.
I also started saving some money! I have a savings account attached to my current bank account, and despite having the bank account for 3 and a half years I’ve never actually used it (oops..). So this week I decided to be good and start putting away some money for my whole saving plan. As I’m not working at the moment I could only afford to save £10, but I decided if I put away a spare £10 every month or so it will quickly build up. And hopefully once I start working I’ll be able to start putting aside more.   
So all in all I think it’s been a good start to my spending ban, I’m starting to save and I managed to go to Tesco’s without buying a load of rubbish I don’t need. Hopefully I’ll have another good week this week!

Three Mobile Broadband

I live in a really weird house where half of the house has amazing wi-fi signal, and the other half has barely anything. Sadly my bedroom comes into the category of the half of the house that has poor signal. For someone who pretty much lives their life on the internet this can be made quite difficult for me. Thankfully I’ve been able to try out the Three mobile broadband which has been a complete life saver!
This little mi-fi device is the next generation in mobile wi-fi, allows you to connect your phone, laptop, tablet or other device to it, at home or on the go to create your own personal wi-fi spot. I think it’s perfect for people like me, who don’t have the strongest of wi-fi signals at home, or for those who find themselves travelling a lot. It’s really helped me out whether it’s been blogging on my laptop, or checking up on Twitter on my iPhone. At first I wasn’t sure quite how strong the signal would be, as I’d never used a mobile broadband device before, but I was pleasantly surprised. Whenever I was connected to the mi-fi device I had a really strong signal, even was I was streaming videos on my iPad. I even tried this out on a couple of train journey’s and found I still had the same strong signal. I also love how small and compact the mi-fi device is, making it perfect to take with you for travelling. 

I really think this mi-fi device is genius, and thanks to Three for giving me the chance to be able to use wi-fi in my house! 
*Product Sent To Me To Review 

Best of 2013 Body Products

You’ll have seen on my blog in the past week I’ve been working on my Best Of 2013 series starting with my favourite Hair Products and Skin Care Products, and now it’s time to move on to my favourite body products. Body products are something that I don’t have a load of, as I tend to stick to the same favourites again and again. Still I thought I’d share with you what products made it into my favourites in 2013.


Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion for Dry Rough Skin
I suffer with really dry skin and come the cold months it gets even worse. This is my favourite go to moisturiser during that time, and for 2013 that was most of the year. It’s also made with cocoa butter, which not only is softening, but smells amazing. 
E45 Intense Recovery Moisturiser
Another moisturiser that I use not only for my dry skin, but because I have eczema. I find that if I can keep up with moisturising regularly with this in the winter months, my eczema doesn’t hit me as hard. It’s also great to use to soften the skin.
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk
One of my favourite Soap & Glory moisturiser lotions. It smells absolutely divine, and when I wear it I can smell it all day, but not in an overpowering way. It’s also great for the winter as its a great moisturiser to combat dry skin.
St Tropez Gradual Tan 
I’m a super pale girl, and fake tan doesn’t always work too well on me. But I find that some gradual tans can give me a bit of colour without being too dark. One favourite one is from St Tropez, it doesn’t take too long to dry, and leaves a nice subtle colour which is easy to build up if you want a darker look. 
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish 
I don’t have many body polishes or exfoliators but one favourite in 2013 that I kept repurchasing is The Body Shops Strawberry Body Polish. It smells gorgeous and is great for exfoliating. 
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Another firm Soap & Glory favourite, not only just in 2013, but I think I’ve been using this since I discovered Soap & Glory products when I was 17! It smells like marshmallows and sweetness, and the scent lasts all day.
LUSH Snow Fairy 
Of course this made it into my 2013 body favourites, it’s my all time favourite shower gel. It smells like sweetness and everything girly you could possibly imagine. I love everytime the LUSH Christmas range comes out just so I can stock up on this.
What have your favourite body products been in 2013? 

NOTD – Rimmel London Hot List


When it comes to my nails 99% of the time I’m wearing a neutral brown/taupe shade. I used to be experimental and wear all sorts of shades of different colours, but over the past year I’ve found myself wearing more and more neutral shades. A recent shade that’s made loads of appearances on my nails lately is Rimmel London’s Hot List which I originally got in my Tales of A Pale Face Autumn Swap
It’s a fairly hard shade to photograph and so in my photo looks a dark brown shade, but when you see it in certain lights you can see it as more of a dusky mauve colour, and other times you can see more of a purple shimmer through it. I’m also in love with the Lycra Pro formula as its really easy to apply and lasts for what feels like forever without chipping, and the wide brush makes application easy. I really love this colour, and its one of the slightly more interesting neutral shades I’ve been wearing. It’s certainly a firm favourite within my collection, and one I think I’ll be wearing for a long time. 

The Sunday Post #2 – Makeup Brush Washing


To me Sundays are all about tidying up, and getting prepared for the next week ahead. So every Sunday I have a list of things I need to get done, one of which is wash my make up brushes. I try to get into a good beauty habit of washing my brushes every Sunday, but sometimes in the past I’ve got a little lazy. So one of my beauty resolutions of 2014 was to make sure I try my very best to stick to this rule.

It’s fairly obvious that washing your make up brushes is hygienic. Clean make up brushes is key to having a germ free make up application, and there’s really nothing worse than disgusting looking used make up brushes. There’s a few different ways to clean your make up brushes, search on YouTube and thousands of suggestions will come up. But the way I like to clean my brushes is to rinse my brush under warm water, then I take a cleanser (this weeks choice is none other than fairy washing up liquid!), and swirl my brush in it a few times, and then rinse. Fairly simple! I then leave my brushes on a rolled up towel to dry overnight, then come Monday morning I have a beautiful set of clean makeup brushes to play with! As I mentioned earlier I’m trying my very best to stick to this this year, in the past it can go a couple of weeks before I get around to cleaning them up. Oops… Now in a new Sunday tradition, I’m off to clean my makeup brushes!

Best Of 2013 Skin Care Products

The other day I shared with you the start of my mini series – Best Of 2013, starting with Hair Products. Today I’m carrying on with the skin care products that wowed me in 2013. I suggest making yourself a large cup of tea for this one, as it’s quite the ramble.

REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser 
My friend Simone recently introduced me to this brand, and said that this would work for me as it sounded like we had the same skin type. Since using it my skin has looked amazing, with my awful still-thinking-its-teenage skin has cleared up and looks a lot more radiant.
Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator – Review
This is the only Liz Earle product that I’ve had a chance to try out and I’m really impressed. I love an exfoliator that feels like it’s actually working when you use it, and this is it. I find that instantly after using it my skin feels softer and all my dry patches are improved.
Origins Never A Dull Moment Exfoliator – Review 
This is another exfoliator that I can really feel work instantly and you can have a good scrub with. As it’s designed for dull looking skin it works really well with the cleanser, and I find I can see an improvement with my dullness almost straight away. 
Origins Never A Dull Moment Cleanser – Review
This was the first product I picked up from Origins after deciding it was time to start investing in my skin care products. Since then I’ve repurchased another one and still use this product almost daily. I’ve not found another cleanser that can bring such radiance to my skin like Never A Dull Moment can.
REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask – Review
This was another product recommendation from Simone to help and bring back some more radiance into my skin. Since purchasing this I’ve been using it almost on a weekly basis and have definitely seen an improvement in my skin. It’s also apparently brilliant for reducing the appearance of fine lines, but I’m not sure how well that works as that’s not one of my skin care concerns. 
LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser
This is one of my staple items in my skin care collection. I always find myself turning to this if I’m having a particularly bad time with my skin. It’s a really simple cleanser and is amazing at removing all traces of make up and dirt.
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
This product has recently made it back into my skin care collection as I completely forgot how much I loved it. I originally got this as a sample from a beauty box somewhere, but I can see myself buying the full sized item when this runs out. I use this at the start of my skin care routine to take off my make up and find it works wonders at breaking down my make up – especially mascara – making make up removal a whole load easier. 

LUSH Tea Tree Water
I love tea tree water and so does my skin since I originally discovered it when I was a greasy skinned 11 year old. However this one from LUSH is my favourite toner as it comes in a spray bottle making it easy to use, and somehow it just seems to clear up my skin.
Origins Clear Improvement Mask – Review
If you’ve followed me for a long time you will constantly hear me raving about this face mask as it just seems to work like no other mask. I use this almost on a twice weekly basis as it really helps to clear out my skin and makes it look a whole load healthier. If I’m ever having a particularly bad time with my skin I treat it to this face mask. 
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Another Origins product that I use almost daily, especially during the winter. The Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask really helps if you suffer with ‘thirsty’ or dry skin, and your skin can work wonders by ‘drinking it up’. Since discovering this I don’t think I can ever be without it. 
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
This has been a staple item in my skin care collection for years – since I was 12 to be exact. It works wonders if you have any sores or dry patches. I tend to get a lot of dry areas and often cuts on my face so I tend to put this on overnight if I’m having a particularly bad time with them and find after a few days its all healed. 
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
This was recommended to me by my friend Robyn after it worked well for her skin. Its been a must have item in my skin care routine and I use it before moisturising. It’s been brilliant at clearing up any spotty outbreaks I might have.
Origins Gin-Zing – Review
I originally picked this up as it was a promotional offer but I’m so glad I did. I found this to be an amazing moisturiser for waking my skin up, especially with early mornings. I’ve nearly ran out now so I think I’ll be having to make a repurchase soon.
Trilogy Rosehip Oil
This was one of the items from the first BBB Edit Box and before that I hadn’t heard much about it. It’s great for acne scars and I’ve found its softened a lot of the scarring on my face. Not only that but it makes it feel a lot more hydrated and softer. I think it’s definitely turning out to be a staple item in my skin care routine. 
So that’s my favourite skin care products of 2013, are any of them yours? 

Lush 50% Off Haul

The other day I mentioned that I’m never too fussed with the Boxing Day or January sales. But this year The Body Shop called out to me, as did Lush. Being a Lush addict I love Christmas Lush, and usually stock up on my favourites before they run out. So when I found out Lush were doing a 50% off sale on Boxing Day I knew I had to get down to my local Lush to raid it. Unfortunately I got there quite late in the afternoon and everyone else had the same idea, but still I managed to pick up a few bits.  
First of all I picked up the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. I’d already used one of these before and found it really soothing and calming, and because of that I like to use it before bed. Next I picked up the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, which is probably one of my favourite products of this year. It’s one of those gorgeous sweet scents that I love, and it creates the most amazing fluffy candy bubbles. Then I got hold of Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. This is one product I haven’t yet used from the Christmas range, so I’m not sure what to expect with it. But I picked it up as it smelt so good, and I thought it was one of the prettiest bath bombs I’d seen. I then picked up two of the Cinders bath bombs. For the last couple of Lush Christmas’s I’ve picked this one up as I just adore it. It’s full of popping candy which makes it great fun in the bath, as well as smelling gorgeous and cinamony. 
I’m really happy I managed to pick up a few last bits up from Christmas Lush, although I wish I got there earlier as there was many more things I would have liked to pick up. Oh well, there’s always next year!

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge

Hi I’m Lisahh-Jayne and I spend far too much money on things I don’t need. Last year I attempted to save money and saved a whole £0 leaving myself just as poor as I was last year. This year I’m determined to actually stick to my New Years resolution of saving some money. I’ve tried spending bans before and always managed to either give up or fail, but this year I’m being ambitious and challenging myself to an 100 day spending ban.
My spending ban will start today and will end in 100 days time, on the 18th April. My aim is to stop spending so much money on beauty products that I don’t need or use, and to try to save the money instead. Although it’s a spending ban I have a couple of exceptions.
  • I will still be using my money for travel. I have a car and use it a fair deal of the time, so will be spending my money on petrol.
  • Food. Although I live at home with my parents I like to sometimes buy my own food, or go out for meals. I won’t be stopping this but I will be cutting back on how often I do this.
  • If I run out completely of a product I will repurchase. But only when I’ve completely run out and have no more back up products.
  • Toiletries etc don’t count. If I run out of deodorant I’m going to be buying more.
  • The occasional night out. I enjoy socialising with my friends and having a night out. Like I said with my meals out I won’t be stopping, but I will be cutting back or making a night out cheaper if I can.
Hopefully I’ll manage to stick to my challenge and save up a few pennies along the way. I’ll be writing weekly updates on how I’m getting on and will be honest if I do slip up. If you have any money saving tips or want to join in please let me know! I’d love to have a buddy along the way.