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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Want For Long Hair Extensions

For the past couple of years now I've been longing for super long, princess hair. I've done everything I could think of to help it grow, hair treatments, getting it cut regularly, I've even tried to go without heat for a while to see if that helps, but nothing. My hair seems to reach shoulder length and then refuses to budge any further. The only thing I've not really tried, is hair extensions. 

I don't really know a lot about the world of hair extensions, in fact the furthest I've gone was a clip in pair I had when I was 16 that didn't match my hair colour, or the cut of my hair - really not a good look! After doing some more researching I discovered Vixen & Blush a salon  in London that specialises in hair extensions. 

Hair extensions are a great way to give yourself instant long flowing hair, and if you're someone who gets bored of their hair quickly like me their a great way to change your look. To save yourself from a terrible DIY hair extension job it's best you visit a salon so they can correctly colour match your hair, and install them properly. Vixen & Blush are the experts in just that. Their experienced hair stylists can help to correctly install hand-made strands of quality hair to help transform your hair. Not only can they help you pick out the right hair extensions for you, but they can also guide you on aftercare to ensure that your hair looks brand new for weeks to come. 

When it comes to hair extensions there's loads of different types available. Vixen & Blush not only offer a clip in choice, but also offer Russian Virgin Hair in Micro Rings or Micro Bonds, and Brazilian Virgin Hair in Micro Rings or Micro Bonds, their range of prices can be seen here. One thing that's always put me off hair extensions is the price, especially for a full head it can be quite pricey. However these hair extensions are of the highest quality, and can last for as long as 4 months, making them a great investment. 

I'm definitely thinking about investing in my hair, and rather than spending money on treatments that aren't working for me I think I'm going to spend it on some high quality hair extensions. 

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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Home Wishlist

Since Chris has moved in I've found myself wanting to stop spending my money on lipsticks and nail varnishes, and wanting to settle down and buy more homey type things and furniture. Sadly we're not in a position to move out of my parents house yet, and we're trying to save up some pennies, so at the moment it's more of a wishing after furniture I've got nowhere to put.


One of the main things I've been looking at is sofas, because you can't have a house without a sofa! I've been looking over at the DFS website at different types of sofas to get some inspiration. Obviously it depends on what type of front room we'd have, but I really like the idea of having a corner sofa, they look so comfortable! When it comes to colours I like the idea of neutrals, greys, taupe's, and beige's just appeal to me for a sofa. 

Shower Baths

When I get my own place one of the first things I want to do is redecorate the bathroom. I'd love to have a large bathroom, and one thing I want is a shower bath. I usually take showers in the week, but I love to have a good long soak in the bath as well. I really like the designs from Bathshop, I love how modern and sleek they look.


Of course a key piece of furniture I'd need is a bed. When it comes to designs of beds there's so many different options. I've been looking on the Dreams website at different types of beds and there's a few different ones that have caught my eye. I really like the idea of a frame, but can't decide between a wooden or metal one. I also like the sleigh bed in the last image, as it seems a little more sophisticated.

There's so much that I want to buy when it comes to furniture, now to just save up for a house to put it all in! 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lip Crayon Obsession

A while ago when lip crayons came out I wasn't too sure about them. I was mainly a lipstick person, and didn't really think much about lip crayons. Fast forward a few months, and now I'm obsessed. It started off with a couple of MUA's lip colours, they only cost me a couple of quid, and I thought it would be an affordable way to try out some fun colours. Buying a few turned into buying them all, which turned into looking into more options to get my lip crayon fix.. 

I then discovered that one of my current favourite brands, Bourjois had a few different colours too so I picked up a darker red as a more bold deep colour, and a lighter red shade, both of which are firm favourites in my collection. When the Revlon Matte Balms came out, of course I had to try one out and I have this gorgeous matte red shade which I adore. I think out of all of them the Revlon Matte Balm is my favourite one, mostly because matte colours aren't something I usually do, so it's a little different. 

I think lip crayons are a fun way of applying lipstick as well as being a super handy way to, what feels like "colouring in" your lips. I also find that my lip colour stays on for a bit longer than it would if I used an ordinary lipstick. I've managed to maintain my lip crayon obsession down to only 7 shades (which pretty much are all different shades of red...) but I do find that every time I'm in Boots I find myself swatching away at more lip crayons and trying to convince myself I don't need another one. It's only really a matter of time until I have the whole of the Revlon range really...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Things I Liked In June

I can't believe we're here, the beginning of July! Instead of doing my usual favourites post, I decided I'd do something a little different. I wanted to talk about a few things that I liked in June.

Last week I went on my first holiday in over 4 years! I only went away for a week in Devon with my parents and Chris but it was lovely to get away. It was nice to have some time to chill out, read some books and see some beautiful views. I'm certainly feeling a lot more relaxed!

Guest Bloggers
While I was away I had a few bloggers write up some guest posts for me, and I had some really interesting posts! From makeup, to festivals, to baking, it was on my blog! If you wanted to look at last weeks blog takeover posts you can see them all here.

Chris Moving In
June meant that my boyfriend of three & a half years moved in! He's moved down from Sunderland and is living with me and my parents while we save up for our own place. It's nice to have him a lot closer, and I'm looking forward to what the future holds!

Having A Clear Out
Before Chris moved in I decided to have a good old clear out. Its nice to have got rid of loads of rubbish out of my room and clothes I don't wear. Now not to replace them all again...

There's been a few blogs that I've been loving this month - Beauty Queen UK, Becky Bedbug, Kimberley's Beauty Blog, Beauty In Beta, to name a few of the ones I couldn't stop reading this month.

Now as its July I'm looking forward to what this month brings. There's a few exciting things coming up, including my best friend's baby being due any day now! Here's to a good looking month!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

A few weeks back I tried out the L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream and I was left feeling disappointed and let down, so decided to carry on with my search for a decent BB/CC Cream that will leave my skin looking great, without feeling too heavy. I then discovered the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream* and it sounded exactly what I was looking for; A BB Cream that promises natural flawless coverage, resulting in an even skin tone and visibly more radiant skin. I was hoping it would be the answer to my BB Cream prayers.

The Ginvera BB Cream is a skin care sensation that's swept Asia, with women over there taking serious care with UV protection, and this BB Cream contains SPF 30, which is great for this summer we've got around the corner! I found that when applying the BB cream it would take a while to blend into my skin, but once it did it completely matched my skin tone, not leaving me looking orange like L'Oreal's offering. Not only did it match my skin tone, but it made my skin look amazing. My skin looked flawless, like I'd had an amazing 8 hours sleep, and had been drinking nothing but water for the last month. I also found that it covered up all my acne scars that I had on my face, creating an even looking skin tone for the first time in years. Once applied it didn't feel heavy on my skin, and I felt like my skin could breathe, its the perfect lightweight base product. 

I really think this is the answer to my BB cream needs, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be wearing this non stop this summer! Ginvera's Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream can be bought online from Janiro in a 25ml or 40ml size. 

*PR Sample

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blog Takeover - Gigging For Beginners

For today's blog takeover I have my good friend Louise from Inspire Magazine  talking about what she knows best, gigs! Enjoy!

As you know, I am an avid gig goer. It's gotten to the point where I'd much rather spend my Friday night in a grimy bar with sticky floors and overpriced beer, watching some obscure unknown band, then going out for a dance with my friends. In fact, when you put those two side to side in a sentence, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else agreed with me, considering clubbing can get so old so quickly and always tends to be a trouble filled expensive night out!

However, it's not always easy to get involved if you don't go to gigs often. Sure, it's easy to tell people to just turn up alone, grab a beer and mosh out in the crowd (no one cares or even notices if you're alone) but I know it's easier said than done. First of all, if you're really into your local bands like me, unless you're already 'on the scene' and frequently attending said gigs, it's not so easy to find out when they're on, which bands to see etc. I especially know how hard it is when none of your friends enjoy rock music. I'd much rather attend a gig alone then bring along a friend who I know won't have fun, there is actually nothing worse then rocking out to an unknown local band and turning around and just seeing your friend standing there looking bored. But, it's also pretty tough finding the courage to head to a gig alone, especially when it means walking in alone!

So here's my mini guide to gigging it for beginners. 

1. Once you know one band, you know them all. Sort of.
Once you find one band you like (I'd recommend dragging a friend along to an open mic night, scour Facebook, ask your friends on Twitter/Facebook) then you're kind of sorted. Generally, once you have one gig to go to, it's pretty easy to go from there. There will always be support bands and, even if you don't like them, there's no doubt the club/bar will be promoting upcoming gigs or band nights. Have a look at some of the 'upcoming' posters and write down band names, checking them out when you get home. Find the original band on Facebook, like them, and see what bands they've liked. Go to the following gigs they play. In no time you'll have a long list of bands you like, each of which will have a long list of gigs for you to attend.

2. Choose your company wisely, or just get them super drunk.
I'm quite lucky in that before I met my friends who like the same music as me, my best friend, although she doesn't really like rock music, she is pretty open minded. I knew there was no chance she'd be moshing out at a gig anytime soon, but with a bit of persuasion (and a lot of vodka!), she was willing to attend a few gigs with me. Because she's open minded and had a few drinks anyway, she was happy to actually pay attention to the bands and not look bored. Now, I'm not suggesting you spike all your friends drinks, but if you've got no one else to go with and you know they're not going to enjoy it, compromise. Agree to head out on the town afterwards, and have a few drinks before hand so at least they're relaxed enough to listen and enjoy the music. It's not the best idea to go stone cold sober to something you know you're not going to enjoy because if you're already set on the fact that you know you're not going to have fun, then you are going to stand there with a face like a slapped bottom. Make a night out of it and just have a laugh.

3. Choose your gig outfit even more wisely (aka heels are a big NO NO and footwear needs a lot of thought)
Whether you plan to mosh or not, for gods sake just wear sensible shoes. The floor might be sticky, if you do go in the crowd and it's a 'heavier' band you're almost certainly going to have someone stand on your foot (sorry) and if you are going to mosh, heels are a painful and dangerous (although sometimes useful if some idiot repeatedly steps on your foot but it's much more worthwhile to move away as opposed to putting your foot through the pain of moshing in heels).

Yes, I spent the whole night drinking with this man (not on this particular night, but the one photo I have from *that* night I look rough. And no, he's not high, he's just pulling that face because I stole his hat for the photo)
4. Without a doubt take up that opportunity to chat up the drummer/lead singer/bassist/guitarist/merch dude (delete as necessary) at the bar.
They're (mostly) freakin' rockstars (even if it's just a local band, they're still on their way there). Trust me on this one. If there's a band member at the bar, GO TALK TO HIM. Not only are they all super chill and happy to talk to anyone, you'll be amazed at the opportunities it can lead to. Last November I managed to bag myself VIP entry into the Warped Tour after party and bumped into the lead singer of my favourite band there (who also happens to be my idol and practically the sexiest man alive). I'm not overly confident, so it would have been so easy for me to just say a quick hello and disappear, or to just let myself become too scared to talk to him at all. Instead I realized what a good opportunity this was and how this was my chance to talk to him one-on-one in a relaxed and casual setting without any fans around. That turned out to be one of the best nights of my life as we spent the whole night talking and sharing beer together, him telling me stories about what the band get up to on tour and me teaching him English slang...we practically spent hours on end talking about the most random things and I know thousands of girls would kill to have that opportunity. I guess the VIP entry was a bonus, but if I hadn't of pushed myself to talk to him, none of that would had happened. Realize that these band members are just human too and that you might not get the opportunity to chat to them again. Make the most of it!

5. Choose your poison wisely
Anything is going to get spilt when jumping around but I'm afraid beer tends to be a necessary drink for gigs. Anything else just doesn't feel right...

6. ...relax and have fun
Finally, make the most of your night and just enjoy yourself. Seeing a band live is one of the most amazing feelings and I honestly cannot describe the electric atmosphere you get when seeing a band, the kind of atmosphere you simply won't feel anywhere else. Let go and lose yourself to the music. Sing along at the top of your voice, lose your shit and jump about like you don't have a care in the world. You'd be amazed at how going crazy for just one song can make you feel, it can make you forget about anything and everything and just relieve any anger or frustration you might have.

So there you have it! Although these points might seem fairly obvious, if you haven't been on the gig scene for a while (much like me when I first came home from uni) and don't know where to start, then hopefully this should help. I definitely made silly mistakes like bringing friends along to gigs who just stood there with a stony face the whole time or wearing uncomfortable shoes. True, life is about learning from your mistakes but if you'd like to skip that part and just get on with throwing yourself into the whole scene, then I hope this helps!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog Takeover - Staying Beautiful At Festivals - What To Pack

For today's Blog Takeover I have Lucy from Absolutely Lucy talking about staying beautiful at festivals and what to pack. I really like this post and will take on board Lucy's recommendations if I go to a festival! 

I'm trying my hand at something new here - not usually a beauty blogger but I'm always up for a challenge and this post combines beauty with one of my favourite things - festivals! As editor of This Festival Feeling I am always looking for the latest trends in beauty, fashion and music at all the top festivals. We are well into festival season now and with Glastonbury right around the corner, it is the perfect time to dig out those pots of glitter, those fabulous fake eyelashes and all those outrageous lip colours you're just too scared to wear to work. For those who tend to stick to a bit of foundation, a simple eye-liner flick, and a clear gloss, festivals provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with colours and textures. For those who already love a flamboyant look, this is the time to really unleash the beast within and go all out.

So what are those beauty must-haves for festivals? Well I certainly always have two lists - the essentials and the fun stuff.

Festival Beauty Essentials:

- Make-up wipes are so necessary after a night of dancing in a sweaty tent, and to scrub all that glitter off your face to start again the next day.
- Moisturiser with SPF is a great shout, with all the alcohol and (fingers crossed) sunshine, your skin will quickly dry out and if you're out all day in the sun, it is always helpful to have that extra bit of protection.
- Under-eye concealer is an absolute life-saver after a long night of dancing and drinking. Let's be honest, who wants to spend a festival asleep? But that does leave those rather unforgiving shadows to deal with.
- Sun glasses - yes I know these are a tad more fashion-y, but they do hide a multitude of sins and whether you're dancing in the sunshine, in a tent with a huge light show, or just suffering a huge hangover, they always come in handy.
- Nail files are a must for me, I'm such a clutz and always dive in without thinking, which means I always end up breaking my nails. I can't stand being left with jagged edges so I always carry a file to touch up.
- A black eye-liner (preferably felt-tip like the one from Collection 2000) these are amazing for doing smooth flicks but also for fancy dress make-up e.g. cat make-up!
- Compact mirrors are so helpful. If you've ever been to a festival and realised how rubbish the ones in portaloos are if they even have them, and quite how bad they smell, you'd realise the importance of taking your own. Although I'm not sure how badly you'll want to look in it by the final day!
- Bright lipsticks combined with a great pair of shades really can complete the festival look. When you've just surfaced and all you want is a pint and a burger, if you can't be bothered to slap anything on, grab these two items and you'll be ready to go!

Fun Beauty Extras for Festivals:

- GLITTER! Always my favourite, all different colours and plenty of it! Where else can you get away with having glitter all over your face and body? It takes any average make-up look into full festival-mode instantly.
- Fake eyelashes are a great addition, but only if you go for the extra fabulous ones with gems or feathers - if you go for the plain ones it's really not worth the hassle and the time of putting them on.
- Feathers are a fantastic way of jazzing up festival make-up, you can easily attach them around the eyes or hairline with eyelash glue or make-up glue for dramatic effect.
- Gems and beads also can easily be glued on and will look stunning around the forehead and eyes - why not sit round with the girls and do each others' before heading into the festival fields?
- Face-paint can be another great way of splashing festival fun all over the place, neon colours always go down a treat and it is so simple to do designs for your friends.

Whatever happens, unless you have serious cash to spare - don't be tempted to get a "makeover" or be "glittered" by one of the stalls because that will often knock you back £20 and quite frankly, it is more fun to do it with your friends and save the cash for the bar. Pictured, you'll see a couple of my own festival beauty looks - I had a lot of fun dressed up as a leopard at Zoo Project Festival and I can't wait to go back to Secret Garden Party in a month - it really is the home of glitter and all things flamboyant! What about you guys? Are you heading to any festivals this summer? What looks will you be going for? Share your festival make-up ideas below! 

Happy Festivalling!

Lucy Ruthnum - Absolutely Lucy of