Sunday, October 11, 2015

Home Owning Three Months On

A little while a go I spoke about how I was finally flying the nest, and moving into a lovely one bedroom flat with my boyfriend and our kitty Jeff. Since then things have been hectic, going back and forth between my parents house with hundreds of boxes in my small KA and Chris's Astra, which turns out takes twice as long as it would have to have hired a van. Oh well. We've finally finished buying and assembling the whole of IKEA, and the majority of things seem to have been put away, and I've finally started referring to it as 'home' rather than 'the flat'. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

October Goals

I love October, I think it's one of my favourite months. It's where everything starts feeling like autumn, and things start to get colder. Now that I have my own flat I can't wait to start buying cosy blankets, and dare I say it, getting ready for Christmas! 

Similar to last month I've set myself a few little goals. Here's what I want to achieve in October:

Lose half a stone
I briefly mentioned in my September goals revisited post that I've joined Slimming World. I started off really well, but I've had a few slip ups as well. I don't have many big plans for the rest of October so I'm hoping to be able to stick to the plan 100% and hopefully achieve my half a stone award. 

Read two books 
I set myself this goal last month, but only managed to read one book. This month I want to actually achieve this!

Get into a regular gym routine
Since my mud run I've had bit of a rest as it was quite a physical challenge on myself, which means I've got out of the habit from my usual gym routine. I want to get back into visiting the gym regularly, and hopefully build up my strength. 

Finish my current knitting project
At the moment I'm working on a big knitting project, and I'm quite slow at finishing my crafty projects. This month I want to be able to finish what I'm currently working on, mostly so I can start on my Christmas crafts!

Try some new recipes
Last month I got to grips with cooking regularly, but my skills are rather basic. I want to try a few new recipes and hopefully improve my cooking skills! 

That's what I want to achieve this month, is there anything you want to achieve in October?

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Monday, October 05, 2015

What I Learnt During My First Mud Run Experience

Recently I've been talking a lot on Twitter and on my blog about learning to run, and the main reason was to start training to do a 5K mud run at the end of September. Somehow two friends of ours talked me and Chris into entering with them and a few other friends to help raise money for Dementia UK. Being completely unfit, and unable to run, it wasn't something I wasn't looking forward to at all, but I decided to start training straight away, so that it would hopefully be a lot easier come the main event. I even hired a personal trainer who helped to give me the kick up the ass I needed, and helped me to start being able to run.

 I spent 16 weeks training, and managed to finish in 2hrs 9 minus a pair of shoes, and very very muddy. My team originally set out to raise £300 for Dementia UK, but we managed to raise over our target, and made it to £1315, which was amazing! As a newbie runner I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I found it to be an amazing experience, and I learnt a couple of things along the way.