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Rush Hair & Beauty Milton Keynes

Rush Hair & Beauty Milton Keynes
You may have guessed by now as a reader of my blog, but I quite like beauty products, and I also love a good pamper. A chance to have some time to myself and be looked after for a hour or so while someone does my hair or my nails, is my idea of heaven. I often set aside an evening once a week to give myself a good pamper; use a face mask, a hair treatment and paint my nails, it helps me to relax and unwind. It's even more of a pamper when someone else can do this for me, but it's a rarity that I can get a chance to visit a salon or get my nails done these days, but when I can it's a real treat.

Recently I was invited to Rush Hair & Beauty's new salon in Milton Keynes for the chance to try out the salon, and be treated to a cut and blowdry. With my hair in bit of a dry, dull state, I was looking forward to having someone who knows what they are talking about work some magic on my hair, and hopefully make it look less, meh. 

Rush Hair & Beauty's Milton Keynes branch is located within the shopping centre, and from the outside it looks like a tiny doorway. Once inside I was greeted by the front of house, and shown upstairs to a beautiful waiting area overlooking the rest of the salon. I had a chance to sit there and relax and people watch while I waited for my appointment. 

The salon itself is absolutely beautiful. Everything is black and white, and it feels very sleek and glamourous. The hairdressing stations looked like how I wish my own dressing table did, with big mirrors and bunches of pink flowers everywhere. It felt very welcoming and calm, the exact feeling you want to experience in a salon. 

Once it was time for my appointment I was introduced to Kelly, who sat down with me for a consultation and we talked through what I wanted to do with my hair. Sadly I'm a really boring person, so I went for just a small trim as I'm trying to grow my hair a little. I was then taken to the hair washing station (is that a term?!), which was a separate section of the salon, a little darker and calmer from the main area. It was such a relaxing space I felt like I could have fallen asleep in there. Afterwards I was led back to the hairdressing station, was given a massive pot of tea, and Kelly started working on my cut and blow dry. Throughout the process Kelly talked to me about what she was doing, and gave me tips on how to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny. Once she was finished I was very happy with my new do, particularly how much body and shine it now had. 

Something I can say about the whole experience is that it was very quick, but not that it felt like I was being rushed. I still felt as if I was getting dedicated attention, but perhaps because I was only in for a cut and blowdry, the whole service was a lot quicker than if say I was in for a full head of colour. I really enjoyed my experience at Rush Hair & Beauty, and I was really impressed with the quality of service I received, I think I'll definitely be back for a visit next time I'm in MK! 

Simply Be Clothing

Simply Be Clothing

I love clothes, and in particular I have a soft spot for pretty dresses. If there's any occassion coming up I can buy a new dress for, it's guaranteed that I'm going to buy a new dress. Honestly, it's not like I need any more. I've taken over most of the wardrobe Chris and I share, and then I've got additional storage boxes full of dresses stuffed in the wardrobe because there's not enough hanging room. And honestly, I wear a lot of them maybe once or twice, and then they stay enclosed in their wardrobe jail until another fancy occasion comes up to maybe wear them again. 

In all honesty, I don't even wear a lot of dresses day to day. Probably because I don't have many casual everyday dresses, but more going out party dresses. To fix this probably, and hey we know I love an opportunity for a new dress, I turned to my favourite retailer Simply Be for some new lovely plus-size day dresses. 

First dress I decided to pick out was this ditsy print tea dress, because, well just look at the adorable pattern. The colours probably attracted me to it the most, the mix of purples, blues, pinks and reds, they just all complemented each other really well and since dying my hair red I've found I can often clash with some colours but these went really well with my hair. The dress has a buttoned up front with a collar, but personally I don't like it buttoned up all the way to the top as it feels a little tight. 

I really like the sleeves on this dress, often I find they can be a little tight or restricting, but this dress has cute little cap sleeves that fit really comfortably. The dress fits just above my knees, and personally I'd prefer to wear it with either leggings or tights. My only problem with this dress is being a rather large chested lady, I find that the buttons can gape a little, so I've worn a vest top underneath so there's no flashing disasters. Other than that, I love this dress. I can imagine wearing it all the time, and it can even be dressed up if I needed to wear it for something fancier. 

As I liked the design of the first dress a lot, I decided to pick out another dress in the same style, just different colours and patterns. I don't normally wear white, mostly because I am the clumsiest person ever and end up spilling food down myself all the time, but I thought I'd risk it for this pretty dress. This one is covered in much bigger, but equally as pretty flowers, with lots of reds, blues and greens. The only problem with this being a white dress, is that it's a little sheer, so I've worn a white vest top underneath. 

The dress is the same cut and design as the first one, but although it's the same design and size as the first dress, I don't find it as tight and I don't have the button gaping problem with this one. I think this dress is more summary than the first, so perhaps I won't wear it as much in the winter months, but then again it's really pretty...

Printed Tunic - Size 20/22 - £20

Then lastly I chose this printed tunic, which I know technically isn't a pretty day dress, but it's long enough that you could wear it with leggings and wear in the day, that counts right? I picked this out in a size 20/22 but it is a little tight in areas especially in the arms, but I thought the next size up in a 24/26 would be too big for me. I really love the pattern on this one as well, Simply Be you've got a great choice in patterned clothing. The way this tunic is cut I'm not too sure if it's the most flattering piece of clothing on me being a plus-sized lady, but it sure is comfy enough that I don't think I'll care. I'd probably choose to wear this more in winter with jeans and boots, and it's so comfy and soft I'm so excited to wear this once the weather gets cooler. 

I feel like I've stocked up on a few new dresses to satisfy my need to buy anymore for a little while, but then again I probably will make my poor wardrobe suffer a little more by adding more dresses to it...

The Library Durham

The Library Durham
A few weeks ago Chris and I were up north visiting family, and meeting our adorable new niece. We took a long weekend break up north, so we had some time to chill out and explore while we were up there. Somewhere we end up always visiting is Durham, a gorgeous city for a walk around and an explore. We usually only pop into Durham for a few hours, but this time we were there for a while and were starting to get a bit hungry. There's this cute cafe we usually end up at with Chris's parents, but this time we were looking for something new and different from your usual available chain restaurants, and that's when we came across The Library. 

The Library is located on one of the main streets of Durham (great description there Lisa...), and from the outside looked like your usual everyday type of pub, but we weren't looking for anything fancy so decided to give it a go.

We walked in, and as it was a nice day, decided to take a seat outside in this cute garden area, overlooking the river. The outside area was full of plants, fake grass and colourful chairs and there was a real relaxed feel about the place, a perfect place to chill out. 

Chris and I ordered some drinks while we looked over the menu. I was pretty tempted by the range of cocktails they had, but decided to go for a passion fruit, mango and pineapple smoothie instead.

When it came to food it was just as difficult to chose something, with some really tasty sounding dishes available. In the end I went for a mac and cheese and bacon burger, because why decide between mac and cheese and a burger when you can have both?

Chris decided to go for an equally ridiculous sounding burger, a chicken katsu burger, which looked delicious!

The Library was definitely a good find, the food was lovely and it was a quirky little place, and I really enjoyed the funny signs dotted all over the place! Next time we're up north I think I'll be popping in here again!
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