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Top Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

Top Horror Films To Watch This Halloween
It's only been over the last couple of years that I've really started to love Halloween. I never really had much interest for it growing up, and you definitely would have never caught me watching a scary film. These days my tastes have changed somewhat, and I now fully embrace all things Halloween and spooky. 

For Halloween this year me and Chris are throwing a Halloween party like we did last year, and I love a good excuse to get dressed up in a costume and prance about. I say party, but it's about 5 people as that's all I can fit in my small flat, so after a few drinks we'll probably crack out a few spooky films in the spirit of Halloween!

Whatever your plans are this Halloween, here's some top horror films for you to watch!

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a classic supernatural film, where a 12 year old girl is possessed by an evil spirt. Two priests, played by Jason Miller and Max von Sydow, then risk their sanity to administer the rites of demonic exorcism, while the girls mother watches horrified as her daughters body is wracked by satanic disfiguration. 

Friday The 13th

This is probably one of my favourite horror films. Set at a recently re-opened summer camp, a group of teenagers take jobs completely unaware of the circumstances that had led to its closure. It turns out a young boy named Jason was drowned, as well as the murder of two counsellors, over twenty years previous. Once the camp reopens the killing begins again, with the teens being murdered one by one.

The Shining 

Struggling novelist Jack Torrance decides to take a job as an off-season caretaker at the Overlook Hotel, completely ignoring the warnings that the isolation over the winter drove the previous caretaker mad. Jack moves in with his family, and it turns out his son Danny has a special gift that can sense evil present in the hotel, which develops more as the winter snow shuts them off from civilisation.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

A teenage girl, Nancy, consistantly suffers from nightmares and discovers that many of her friends are also having similar sleeping problems. It turns out their dreams are haunted by the hideously scarred former child murder, Freddy Krueger, who has the power to kill them in their sleep. Sadly Nancy knows she can't stay awake forever.


This isn't one of my ultimate favourites, but it's definetely still a good classic Halloween film! A family of forces invades a peaceful suburban home, transforming the house into a supernatural sideshow. However the forces are far from friendly.

Will you be watching any of these this weekend? 

*I was sent these films in return for this blog post, all thoughts are my own

Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress
Choosing the right wedding dress can make or break your big day. No bride wants to walk down the aisle in a dress they hate. This is your time to shine, so of course you want to wear the perfect dress. Unfortunately, wedding dresses can be very expensive, with brides spending, on average, around £10,500 on a gown. It is possible to save money on a wedding by using a site such as, but if you have the ceremony covered and all you have left to buy is a wedding dress, here are some simple tips to help you be a thrifty bride.

Have a Budget

The most important thing you need to do before shopping for a wedding dress is to have a budget. The next most important thing to do is stick to your budget!
It is pointless looking at dresses you can’t afford. Sure, they might look amazing and yes, you will have a memorable day if you wear a designer wedding gown, but realistically, if spending all that money on a wedding dress means you can’t afford to go on a honeymoon, it isn’t worth it.

Keep it Simple

The simpler the dress, the cheaper it will be. Once you start adding major embellishments such as handmade lace, beads, and complex shapes to the design, the dress will creep up in price. If your budget is low, look at dresses with a simple silhouette.

Look for a Pre-Loved Dress

Wedding dresses are generally only worn once. Probably only for a few hours in fact. On this basis, it is definitely worth looking for a pre-loved dress in your size. Check out sites such as eBay for pre-loved bargains. If you are really lucky, you might even spot a dress in your size that is being sold because the wedding didn’t go ahead!

Wear Your Mother’s Dress

Some families keep wedding dresses as keepsakes to be passed down through the generations. You may not like the dress your mother or grandmother wore, but if you have your heart set on a vintage wedding, a family wedding dress could work out beautifully.

Rent a Gown

Don’t overlook the possibility of hiring a wedding dress. After all, you will only wear the dress once, so why bother forking out all that money to buy when you can hire? It will help if you are a standard size, as the dress can’t be altered. Check out bridal shops in your area to see if they offer a hire service.

Shop at Sale Time

Sales take place all year round, so if you have seen a dress you like, keep a close eye on the price and be prepared to act fast if you notice it has been heavily discounted in a flash sale.

Make Your Dress

If you or a relative are handy with a sewing machine, have a go at making a wedding dress.
Don’t forget to allow plenty of time to find the right dress. It could take you months!

A Few Happy Things #2

A Few Happy Things #2
It's been a while since I've written one of these happy type of blog posts, so I thought I'd fill you in on a few things I've been up to lately. So grab a cuppa, and lets have a chat!

In September I had a very busy month, and it seemed like every weekend I had something big on. Chris and I went to a wedding for someone I used to work with at Hatfield House, and it was such a beautiful day. The venue was amazing, and of course the bride looked stunning. It was such a lovely day, and it was great to catch up with all of my old work friends, I love a good wedding and an excuse to dress up! Also in September I went to Friends Fest with my friend Gemma, which was a great laugh. I love Friends so it was good fun to see all the sets, play around with costumes and watch episodes on the big screen. I took lots and lots of photographs, so hopefully I'll get organised soon and put up a blog post!

Last week I had my last day at my job, and I'm starting a new one on Monday. I know I said this post was about happy things, but I did feel very sad to leave, I'd been there for two years and so much had happened in my life since I joined the company; I'd bought my flat, I moved in with Chris and adopted my two cats, and I'd become good friends with everyone. My last day was emotional but they'd got me some lovely gifts and there was cake in the shape of the Receptional logo. I'm hoping to keep in touch with everyone, so it's not really a goodbye at least. 

And with that I've had a week off work before I start my new job, so I've made sure that I've spent it relaxing. I'm not someone who takes much time off so it was good to not do much. I spent a lot of time with my mum, which was really nice as it had been two years since her stroke, and we didn't get to do this two years ago. It's been nice to take some time off, and not do much. Now to start the new job on Monday!

How's things been with you?