Sorry I haven’t written for a while but I’ve been off on an adventure to the North East! Well not so much of an adventure, but off to visit where my boyfriend’s from. I met my boyfriend at university, and he’s been down to where I live, but I’d never seen where he’s from. So as we’d both finished uni for the year, we decided to get a train from Leicester up to Newcastle (he’s actually from Washington, but Newcastle’s the nearest station!).
Here’s what we got up to:

We went to Durham and had a walk down by the river and a look around the shops


Us at The Angel of The North




The Baltic Art Museum


The Metro Center – Biggest shopping center in Europe!

I had a great time, and got a chance to meet his parents properly (I’ve met his mum and sister once before when they were visiting Leicester), and found them very welcoming and friendly. First of all we went around Durham and had a walk down the river and visited a few shops. We also visited the Angel of The North, and Newcastle, looking at touristy type things as I’d never been up to the North before. But my favorite was visiting the Metro Center, which is the biggest shopping center in Europe. If you haven’t been before I recommend visiting it! And of course I couldn’t go in a shopping center without making a purchase on  nail varnish…. Here’s what I got:

From Right to Left: Silver Smash Up, Concrete Mixer, Sterling Silver, Purple Grey, Utopia

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From right to left: Vivid Purple, Navy, Red Black,  Black

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From right to left: White Frost Nail Effects and Blue Print Nail Effects

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In the four days I was at my boyfriends, I managed to buy eleven nail varnishes, O dear. So expect NOTD posts quite frequently! Sorry this was quite a quick post but I’ve got to get back to packing up my uni room, as I’m moving back home soon!

Have any of you been anywhere new recently?