As I mentioned in one of my other posts Finding Things You’ve Completely Forgotten About that I’ve found many things lately that I’d completely forgotten about, and left behind when I moved to uni. Another one of these things is Clinique’s Defining Lips Long Last Lipstick Preview Palette (gosh that was a mouthful!). 
My mumma bought me this last Christmas, and I only used it a few times before going back to uni, forgetting to take it with me, and then completely forgetting all about it. I’m so glad I re-found this! 
This palette is made up of four different colours. I love the palette box, the outside of the box  is made up of a mirror, as well as containing a mirror inside the palette. As you can see from the swatches the four colours are very similar, but when applied to your lips, they all give a different look. The colours also live up their name of “long last”. I applied one the other day around 12, by 6/7 in the evening the colour was still very much visible! Also when applying the swatches to my hand, it took forever to wash off! I find that its a very moisturizing lipstick too, it makes my lips feel soft and not too dried out which I’ve encountered from other lipsticks before. 
From left to right: Pink Sand, Paprika, Merlot, Pink Peach
From right to left: Pink Sand, Paprika, Merlot, Pink Peach
Out of all the colours I’d say Pink sand was my favourite, its a pretty light colour. Merlot is the darkest out of the colours, and I’d probably wear it more for a night out, whereas the other three are more day time colours. 
I’m glad I found this again! And I’ll certainly be making more use of it now!
What do you think?