Over the last couple of months there’s been some great freebies attached to my favourite magazines. And again this month isn’t any different! As I was in the shop to buy my monthly magazines last week, I saw that two of my favourites had some brilliant freebies yet again! 
Here’s what I picked up this month:
Free with Company Magazine – Black Liquid and Pencil Eyeliner
I’m an eyeliner addict, I have been for years, so I was pleased to see that Company was offering me a free eyeliner! This one is made up of liquid and pencil, so you can have the best of both worlds with this! I don’t really know what make this is as it doesn’t say. It works great, just like any other eyeliner, and for just £2!
Free with Cosmopolitan – Missguided Nail Polish in Misschievous
I’d never heard of missguided before this, but I was happy to receive a free nail polish! Cosmopolitan were giving away three different shades, and I got my hands on this one which is a red/corally kind of colour. It looks great, and is very bold, great for the summer!
Have you received any freebies this week?

Cosmopolitan Magazine