So I’m kinda new to the whole make-up brush scene (Don’t ask me how I’ve ever coped I have no idea!), and purchased my first set of make-up brushes last week. Mr Postman delivered them to me early Tuesday morning, I’ve never been so excited!


I got this set of 12 make-up brushes off Ebay (I’m poor okay..) and I’ve spent the rest of the week playing around with them. They came in this cute travel case so I can take them around with me. I’m not 100% sure on how to use all of them yet, so if any of you ladies have any advice that would be great! 
I then bought this cute desk tidy off Ebay to keep them in.
This was just a quick post to show you girls my new purchase. So if any of you girls have any advice on how to use any of these brushes, please contact me!