The Most Disappointing NOTD…

I’m bit of a self confessed nail varnish addict, I have over 70 bottles of the stuff. Yet I still keep wanting to add to my collection. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on O.P.I’s polishes as I hear so much about them in the blogging world, but at £10.50 it’s not something I can really afford. So imagine my happiness when I saw on Ebay an O.P.I. polish in the shade ‘matched luggage’ selling for £3.50. Of course I bidded on it straight away and was over the moon when I saw I’d won the auction.  It turned up 2 days later and I couldn’t wait to paint my nails. It’s only when I started doing my nails I got disappointed…

I took this photograph after I’d applied 5 coats. Yes, 5 coats! And still it looked horrible and patchy, and streaky. I was really disappointed because in the bottle it looked like a lovely opaque nudey colour, but came out as this horrible sheer gloppy mess. Honestly I was expecting much better from an O.P.I. polish. After the fifth coat I gave up on applying it and decided to take it off and went with Barry M’s ‘Grey’ instead. I’m really disappointed because this was my first experience with O.P.I. and it wasn’t a good one, and it’s sorta put me off buying anymore in the future.

Have you used this before?
Have you had a similar experience with O.P.I?

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