Betrousse’s beauty boxes are something I’ve seen I’ve seen floating around in the blogosphere world, and have always looked to me like more than your average beauty box. Instead of your usual monthly box subscription, you have the option to buy a box with full sized samples in. Yes you heard me correctly, full sized samples! None of this trying out tiny sized portions of night creams to see if it works for you lark. I’ve been eager to save up my pennies for a Betrousse Beauty Box, so when the lovely team at Betrousse offered me a box to review I jumped at the chance.

I received the Glitz and Glamour Box, which for £10 you get 5 full sized products. Here’s what I recieved in my box:
Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser – Worth £3.99
First of all this stuff smells incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever smelt anything quite like it! I love things like moisturisers and have a whole box of them living under my bed, but this one is definitely one I’ll use often. Not only does it smell amazing, but it really helps to moisturise my skin.

JĀSÖN Normalising Shampoo – Worth £7.29 
I’ve never had a ‘normalising’ shampoo, or understood it. But I decided to give this one a go every couple of washes and it’s helped to make my hair feel super clean, and get rid of horrible build ups from too many products.

Tulecos Tonifying oil with organic Peppermint essential oil – Worth £33.00
I didn’t really understand this product in my beauty box, but I’ve been using it on my feet before I go to bed and it’s helped to stop my feet from being so dry and helped to relax me. Win win.

Benta Berry G-1 exfoliating Facial cleanser for boys and girls – Regulating line – Worth £14.00
I love skin care products so I was quite excited to see this one. I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s a really good exfoliator. It leaves my skin nice and smooth without feeling to irritated which some exfoliators can do to my sensitive skin.

 Make Believe Beauty Shimmer Lip Gloss – Worth £10
Who doesn’t love lipgloss? I was really happy to see another one I could add to my collection.

Overall I’m really happy with this box!  I think it’s a great mix of products and I’m really happy to see their all full sized!