Being ‘slightly gifted in the chest area’ can sometimes be bit of a problem when it comes to ordering bras. I can never seem to find them in my size, and when I do they tend to be rather expensive. So when I was contacted by BL Beautiful Lingerie I was excited to see that they stocked everything from a back size 28-58 and cup size AA-KK, not making it a problem for me to order from them.

I was offered £50 to try out some lingerie of my choosing, so I decided to pick out a black Panache Superbra and matching high wasted briefs. The shipping took a little while, around 2 weeks, so if you’re looking for something quickly this probably isn’t your best bet. But when it did turn up it didn’t disappoint. I found the bra to be really comfortable, which can sometimes be a problem with the size I am. I also liked that my lingerie had lace on, as I’m a fan of lace, and on underwear it can make you feel a bit more special. Looking through the selection of bras to make a choice was a little tricky, but only because there was such a wide range. There was absolutely every type of bra you could imagine, and they stock ranges from brands such as Panache, Fantasie, Curvy Kate, and Freya, so there’s plenty of choice. I usually hate ordering bras because of the price they tend to be in my size, but on BL Beautiful Lingerie the prices were really reasonable, and the one I ordered was only £29.50.

One thing that I found with BL Beautiful Lingerie is that colour and style wise it was rather limited. The only colours that seem to be available is black, white and nude. Which is fine but when you’re already rather limited on what you can order because of size, a bit of colour or pattern would be nice. Apart from that their is a good range of stuff, and it’s nice to see that there is a great range of size, so there’s something for everyone. BL Beautiful Lingerie is definetly a brand I’ll be ordering from again, especially when they have a good range of stuff for reasonable prices.