You’ll have seen on my blog in the past week I’ve been working on my Best Of 2013 series starting with my favourite Hair Products and Skin Care Products, and now it’s time to move on to my favourite body products. Body products are something that I don’t have a load of, as I tend to stick to the same favourites again and again. Still I thought I’d share with you what products made it into my favourites in 2013.


Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion for Dry Rough Skin
I suffer with really dry skin and come the cold months it gets even worse. This is my favourite go to moisturiser during that time, and for 2013 that was most of the year. It’s also made with cocoa butter, which not only is softening, but smells amazing. 
E45 Intense Recovery Moisturiser
Another moisturiser that I use not only for my dry skin, but because I have eczema. I find that if I can keep up with moisturising regularly with this in the winter months, my eczema doesn’t hit me as hard. It’s also great to use to soften the skin.
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk
One of my favourite Soap & Glory moisturiser lotions. It smells absolutely divine, and when I wear it I can smell it all day, but not in an overpowering way. It’s also great for the winter as its a great moisturiser to combat dry skin.
St Tropez Gradual Tan 
I’m a super pale girl, and fake tan doesn’t always work too well on me. But I find that some gradual tans can give me a bit of colour without being too dark. One favourite one is from St Tropez, it doesn’t take too long to dry, and leaves a nice subtle colour which is easy to build up if you want a darker look. 
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish 
I don’t have many body polishes or exfoliators but one favourite in 2013 that I kept repurchasing is The Body Shops Strawberry Body Polish. It smells gorgeous and is great for exfoliating. 
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Another firm Soap & Glory favourite, not only just in 2013, but I think I’ve been using this since I discovered Soap & Glory products when I was 17! It smells like marshmallows and sweetness, and the scent lasts all day.
LUSH Snow Fairy 
Of course this made it into my 2013 body favourites, it’s my all time favourite shower gel. It smells like sweetness and everything girly you could possibly imagine. I love everytime the LUSH Christmas range comes out just so I can stock up on this.
What have your favourite body products been in 2013?