I originally planned to put all of my favourite products of 2013 into one big blog post. However when planning and taking photographs I realised there was just far too many products to include so decided to break it down into a mini series. I wanted to start off with hair products as this is probably where I spend a lot of my money. I’m constantly looking for products to help with my damaged and coloured hair, but I’m not always finding a lot of products work for me. So I wanted to share the products that I adored in 2013.

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Leave In Treatment
I actually picked this up as Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on and didn’t really think much of it. It’s only when I eventually got around to using it I noticed what a difference it’s made to my hair. I have horrible split dry ends from years of heat damage and colouring, and although this hasn’t completely fixed the problem its really helped to make my hair feel smoother, softer and I think has helped to repair my hair.
John Freida Full Repair Styling Spray
This was actually another product that was picked up as part of an offer and I didn’t think much about at the time. I’ve been using this when I was my hair as well as a heat defense spray and have noticed quite a difference. Sadly I didn’t get on with the rest of the Full Repair range, as it sounded exactly what my hair needed!
Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave In Conditioner
This product has been a staple item in my hair care routine for a few years now so of course it makes sense to make it into my 2013 favourites. It really helps to make my hair feel softer and smoother, as well as being able to tame my frizzy hair.
Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Conditioner
Again another Lee Stafford product that’s made it to my favourites. I’m a big fan of their conditioners and treatments, but not so much the shampoos. I found that the Breaking Hair conditioner really helped to make my dry split ends feel better, and it smells amazing.
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner
This conditioner just makes my hair feel amazing, as well as smelling brilliant. I’m not too sure if it necessarily helps to make my hair grow, as I find that the Hair Growth Treatment does enough of that on its own, but I like it regardless for how it makes my hair feel.
V05 Miracle Concentrate
This is another product that’s been a staple product in my hair care routine since I discovered it. I’ve tried other hair oils but I always find myself coming back to this one. It seems to repair my hair and make it feel soft and sleek like no other oil can do, so of course it makes sense to be one of my 2013 favourites. 
V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder
I find that I don’t use this product often, but when I do I adore it. I tend to use it on nights out when I want really big hair. It’s my go to product for big hair, and of course is a lot healthier than backcombing.
Lee Stafford Arganoil Deep Nourishing Treatment
I didn’t start using this until towards the end of 2013 but I’ve noticed it’s made such a difference to my hair I can see it being a firm favourite. Argan oil seems to work wonders on my hair, and this has helped to repair it as well making it look super shiny and feeling wonderful.
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
I’ve been using this product for years to help grow out my hair. It’s worked wonders on the growth of my hair, as well as nourishing it to feel amazing. 
So that’s my favourite hair products of 2013. Are any of these your favourites?