Bonmarche is a brand that I always thought stocked ‘old lady’ type clothes, and never really appealed to me. I’d often see them on the high street and wouldn’t give them two glances. Recently I was contacted by Bonmarche to take a look at their new range, and I was actually pleasantly surprised at some of their clothes. I decided to try their David Emanuel Pleated Black Scarf Blouse. 

This blouse originally caught my eye because of the scarf detail, it’s not something you see on your typical blouse. I really love the floral print on the scarf, which is something I would normally pick out myself, and with the pendant detail it makes the scarf feel a bit more accessorized.

Another feature of the blouse that makes it seem a little more different is the pleated back, which makes it seem a little more interesting than your usual work shirt.

I’m really quite in love with this blouse, and find it great for work if you want something a bit more fashionable than your usual work wear. I also think it’s fairly versatile, and you can style it several ways with or without the scarf. I’m glad Bonmarche have proved me wrong, and I’m already looking up a few more of their new range.

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