It seems like everyone and their Nan is obsessed with Loom Bands these days. Not really being ‘down with the kids’ I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. Why make bracelets out of small elastic bands? It wasn’t until I saw a few images of people who’d made other things out of them I realised it was a great chance to be creative. Having never used Loom Bands before I was excited when Paddy Power Bingo got in touch and sent me over some colourful bands to have a play with. I decided I’d try and make something pretty out of them and decided to try and make a flower.

I was surprised at how easy it was to actually make things with Loom Bands, and I had great fun making hundreds of flowers. Sadly that and making several bracelets, that’s as far as my Loom Band skills can go. I’ve seen some wonderful creative designs on the internet, but mine kept pinging apart! Although saying that I am very happy with my flowers, and it even fits in well with my room!

Thanks to the guys over at Paddy Power for giving me the chance to be creative! Maybe for now I should just stick to playing bingo on their site Now to practice my Loom Band skills..
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