Cocio One Chocolate Milk

I love chocolate milk, I’m terrible for it. Whenever I’m out and see the option of chocolate milkshakes, or even in my local corner shop, I just can’t resist it. Luckily I can behave a bit more at home, as we never have any milk in as my mum’s lactose intolerant, so a rare chocolate milk is quite a treat. So when I was asked if I wanted to review Cocio’s chocolate milk of course I said yes, what sort of chocolate milk lover would I be if I said no!

Cocio One Chocolate Milk

Cocio’s chocolate milk is unlike other chocolate milks in the UK, because it’s not from the UK, it’s Danish! I had no idea what to expect before I tried this, as I’ve never tried anything from there (other than Danish pastries…). Cocio is best enjoyed ice cold, and drunk straight from the bottle. It’s made from a simple blend of milk, cocoa, and sugar. As I’m meant to be watching what I eat I was happy to see they do a slightly better for you version, the Cocio One, with only 130 calories per bottle. I usually find that these versions don’t taste as nice as the original, but I was happy as it still tasted just as creamy and luxurious, just without the extra calories and only 1% fat and 1% added sugar.

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I really enjoyed my Cocio One Chocolate Milk, and I’m happy to see it’s now available at my local Waitrose. I think it’s safe to say I have a new chocolate milk addiction. You can read more about Cocio here.

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