The Alchemist Manchester

When me and mum went on our recent weekend away to Manchester, after a long day at the Coronation Street Tour we decided we very much needed cocktails. I mean it’s not a girl’s weekend away without cocktails right? Someone had recommended The Alchemist to my mum saying their cocktails were pretty amazing. After a quick search we found it…


Hope & Glory Coffee

My other half is a huge coffee lover. He frequently brews coffee beans at the weekend, making our small little flat smell amazing. I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker, I like the occasional Starbucks or an instant coffee if I need an afternoon pick me up. However, you can really taste the difference between…


Sugar Junction Manchester

A few months ago me and my mum went on a little trip away to Manchester for a few days, mostly to visit the Coronation Street tour, but also to have a little girly holiday. I’d never been to Manchester before, and being the organised person I am, I decided to plan lots of other fun…


Perfect Banana and Cinnamon Muffins

For years I’ve loved baking, but I’m not always very good at it. Sometimes I can make amazing bakes, other times I can make more ‘meh’ kind of cakes. My skills really aren’t that great, and although I won’t be making star baker on GBBO anytime soon, my baking skills are slowly starting to improve….

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Win 4 Luxury Teas From Yogi

It’s no secret that I’m bit of a tea addict, I can’t go a day without having about 6 cups of tea on the go. Over the past couple of years I’ve really been relying on caffeine to get me through the day, needing at least two cups of tea before I can get going with my day….


Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Hands up who likes chocolate? Actually who doesn’t?! I for one absolutely love chocolate, I can’t go more than a few days without having to get my fix. One of my favourite brands would have to be Lindt, with my all time favourite chocolate being their truffles. It seems like every Christmas and birthday I…

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas #2

A few days ago I posted a few Father’s Day gift ideas, but I thought I’d share a few more ideas to give you a few more possible ideas to spoil your dad with this year. I’ve come up with a few different ideas to suit any budget.  Top Dad Father’s Day Collection £30 // Glenfiddich 15 Year…

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Inamo St James Review

A few months ago I discovered Inamo in Soho and discovered how amazing their food was. I didn’t know at the time, but there are two Inamo restaurants, with another one around the corner from Piccadilly Circus. After the amazing experience Chris and I had we knew we had to go back, so when we got invited to try out the new menu…


Eat Your Photo

A while ago I was contacted by the folks at Eat Your Photo to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their cakes. You don’t have to ask me twice if I want to review cake. Free cake?! Yes please. However this isn’t just any normal cake.. oh no. It’s a cake that you…

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Giving Up Sugar Update

A while ago I blogged about how I wanted to give up sugar with the help of Healthy Sugar Habits 6 week detox programme. My detox programme ended on the 2nd March so I thought it was time to update on how I got on. I mentioned in my first post that I’m a complete and utter sugar addict….